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Gladiator - Major Plot Hole
Watch the part when Maximus is trying to escape from his Gladiator cell, but the Roman Army, dispatched by the evil emperor, tries to stop him.
When the army is marching to Maximus, you can see other plans of action being made to try to stop the uprising. A coral snake is put into one of the senator's beds, the gladiator master gives Maximus the keys, etc.
Now, what ever happened to the coral snake? The Senator lives to the end of the movie, when he tries to lift Maximus's body.
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Special Requirements: see the movie
Contributed By: Cowandchick on 05-23-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Presto writes:
If one was paying attention, one would see that the snake goes into the bed of a different senator, not Grachus' bed. Grachus, the senator at the end, is in jail, not sleeping in a bed with silk sheets.
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Sonnyjim writes:
That's right Presto, it was senator Gaius that had the snake put in his bed (the one which had a lot of lovers) not Grachus, who was put into jail.
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Megan writes:
That was senator Gaius not Gracchus. It even showed Gaius and a woman sleeping before you see the snake. Then after a while, you see Gracchus in the jail cell and after Maximus kills Commodus he says "Senator Gracchus is to be reinstated." And Gracchus is one who carries Maximus after he dies. (Sorry for the spoiler but if you haven't seen it then you should be reading this anyway!) This is not a slip-up.
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Pat writes:
Look at the banding on the snake, it isn't a coral snake. A coral snake's bands have red and yellow touching. A king snake, like the one in the movie has black bands separating the red and yellow. Of course, that brings up the question, why would you try to kill someone with a non-venomous snake?
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smileygurrl writes:
Maybe the director counted on no one noticing this. Why would you put a venomous snake into someone's bed unelss you wanted to kill them? I'm sure the actors were really in the bed.
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Devildog 369 writes:
I am sure you wouldn't lay in a bed with a coral snake either. You would be whining about them getting a King snake or a Mexican milk snake too. It looks very similar and that is the intention there. Cna you train a coral snake not to bite an actor because this is the snakes 15 minutes of fame? This isn't a slipup, it is a safety factor.
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juicepc writes:
It is not a King Snake it is a Mexican Milk Snake (Lampropeltis triangulum annulata). Use your zoom and look at the snake closer it has a black head. King Snakes have red heads. Come on guys you are slipping.
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jwoo writes:
You guys are right. That was a different senator. If you remember, they wouldn't kill that senator to slow things down, because he wanted to help Maximus and did help him because the senator disliked the emperor. If you remember, he was brought to the cell to talk to him by the emperor's sister.
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frostytheiceman writes:
How could the snake be a Mexican Milk Snake (Lampropeltis triangulum annulata), have they been to Mexico? Remember this was about 1800 years ago. They didn't even know about the western hemisphere.
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