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Deep Blue Sea - How Many Sharks Did You Say There Were Again?
1.There are three intelligent sharks.
2.When there's a storm,the sharks become angry.
3.Two sharks attack the third,killing it.
4.There are two sharks.
5.The place starts to fill with water.
6.One shark chases the cook into the kitchen and into an oven.
7.The shark accidentally turns the gas in the oven on...
8....and gets stuck in the oven.
9.The cook escapes from the oven,lights his lighter,and throws it at the oven.
10.The gas sets on fire,blowing the shark into tiny pieces.
11.Only one shark to go...
12....but what's this?
13.Later on,when the people start climbing up to the surface level,and the water level rises,there are TWO sharks in the water!
14.After this,the other girl fries the other shark with electricity...
15....and in the end,the remaining shark gets blown to bits,spreading blood everywhere.
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Special Requirements: One or more working eyeballs
Contributed By: Jonne Nurminen on 09-24-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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fbk writes:
Actually, they eat one of the normal sharks!
33 of 34 found this helpful. Did you? Yes
WPA pitcher1023 writes:
Yeah, the cook says, "It's feeding time," then you see Skags drop the Tiger Shark into the water after see the shark wrangler guy go in with the auger mask on. Two of the sharks then attack the Tiger shark, they rip it's fin off and kill it. This was not one of the experimental sharks!
15 of 16 found this helpful. Did you? Yes
Phillecia writes:
I agree with everyone else. There WERE 3 sharks. They dropped that tiger shark in to PURPOSELY feed the other sharks....
10 of 10 found this helpful. Did you? Yes
avoidant writes:
Yeah, you can hear someone say that they are dropping a "tiger shark" in the water.
6 of 6 found this helpful. Did you? Yes
Angel_Shark writes:
They did purposely feed the tiger shark to the other sharks because Carter said later on to the woman doctor at her party that the experimental sharks would only eat other sharks.
6 of 6 found this helpful. Did you? Yes
Milenko writes:
They say in the movie that the smart sharks only eat other sharks.
6 of 7 found this helpful. Did you? Yes
EricKoch writes:
Yeah, it was the tiger shark with the license plate stuck in her teeth.
6 of 8 found this helpful. Did you? Yes
Mark writes:
yeah look closly there is only one shark in the water when it starts to rise
1 of 4 found this helpful. Did you? Yes
Evilpom writes:
Then again at the end of the movie the two guys have there feet in the water and one of them (I cant remeber which) saya are you sure there were 3 sharks. at that they take their feet out of the water. so there could have been more than 3 sharks.
0 of 2 found this helpful. Did you? Yes
Steve Crow writes:
I don't think they deliberately fed a normal shark to the three super-intelligent ones (there are probably cheaper things to use as food). But yes, there are really four sharks: only three super-intelligent ones.
2 of 10 found this helpful. Did you? Yes
Chelsea writes:
That is a really bad slip-up. I think the producers should have noticed that one. I mean c'mon its really obvious!
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