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Friends - Rachel's Arm IV
During the episode when Chandler & Monica get engaged, Rachel is in the coffeeshop talking to Phoebe about whether they're jealous of the engagement. Rachel's arm is on the arm of the couch, then off. Then on, then off. Then on, then off. This happens during cuts of course -- she's not just extraordinarily quick or anything.
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Contributed By: oswald on 05-22-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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smapdi writes:
These movement aren't "editing slip-ups", all of these shots where they cut from Rachel to another person then back to Rachel are supposed to all occur at the exact same time. Even if the shot goes to another person, even if just for a second, time has passed, people move! And they can do it in seconds, I move around all the time and I don't think my moving is an "editing slip-up" on my part.
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oswald writes:
The thing is that they AREN'T cuts from Rachel to another person back to Rachel. They're cuts to different angles; Rachel is in all the shots. It's only occurring because they presumably film the episode at least a couple times and use the best takes for the final show -- obviously the actors can't remember each and every body part and where it was placed during each and every shot of each and every take. Watch the episode in question and you'll see what I'm talking about on here. And again, I'm not saying these are life and death mistakes, just little ones, but mistakes nonetheless.
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Jay writes:
Did any of you actually WATCH the scene?! Well believe me, if you did - you wouldn't be posting here talking about it not being a slip-up and that people move all the time... it IS A SLIPUP. It all happens within the same time-frame. It takes ONE FRAME to go from one angle to the next, and there approx. 25 frames in a second (on TV)... This is too fast for 'someone to move' They have shot the take several times and pieced it together so that it smoothly comes together as one scene. The whole time, Rachel isn't out of shot, so as we cut from angle to angle, her arm is in different positions. EXAMPLE: wide-shot: Rachel and Chandler sit on the couch. Arm rested on arm rest. closeup: We close in to Rachel as she says a line. Arm in her lap. wide-shot: Rachel and Chandler sit on the couch - RACHEL IS STILL SAYING THE SAME SENTENCE, but her arm is in a different back on the armrest. closeup: Chandler's reaction... we can see Rachel's arm in her lap. wide-shot: Chandler says a line and Rachels arm is back on the arm rest. These were different takes that have all been edited together to make one take. In the context of the TV show - THIS IS AN EDITING SLIP-UP. Maybe they couldn't avoid it, and who cares! Fact is - it is NOT CONTINUITY. Which makes it a slip-up in my books.
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Lisa writes:
What some people aren't realizing is that it IS a slip-up. If you watch the episode where Mr. Heckles dies & Chandler comes into the girls' apartment, watch CAREFULLY...Rachel's arm is one way, then another, then back to the way it was at first. Clearly shows that different takes were made throughout scenes. I still stand by my opinion. Besides, if it wasn't good enough, they wouldn't have let us post them here!
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