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Happy Days - Where Is Chuck and Those Stairs
watch the earlier episodes and Ritchie has an Older brother "Chuck". Where did he go? It was never explained. Also if you notice the stairs use to be where the current kitchen is, then it moves to the other side of the set, but they never move.
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Contributed By: Boonya on 05-19-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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DarkBunnyofInle writes:
That would explain why three actors played Chuck. But even if he went away to college, wouldn't he at least have come back for Richie or Jonie's wedding? or Richie's baby? or the New Arnold's opening up? or Richie's graduation? I'm beginning to think they disowned Chuck (maybe it was all that basketball . . . )
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Ray writes:
The fact that Chuck went to college explains where he is, but there are many post Chuck episodes where Howard or Marion say they have two kids, obviously excluding Chuck.
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Chuck was gay, so the family disowned him. Chuck then moved to San Fransisco after repeatedly trying to hook up with, and being shot down by, Fonzie. He did almost have a three way with Ralf and Potsie at one point, but when he started getting down to business, Ralf and Potsie yelled out for Richie to come to their rescue. Fonzie snapped his fingers, and Chuck was frozen in place, unable to move. At this point the gang beat the hell out of Chuck, hence the first instance of homophobic rage on the show. Sensing that his life was in danger, Chuck fled the state, and settled in San Fran where he still lives today, running a gay web site for all gay child actors.
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Matrix3311 writes:
Actually, if you want to get technical, the entire house changes...the fireplace, the stairs, the driveway seems that the Cunninghams were in the twighlight zone for the first season.
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cpr writes:
I remember reading that because the earlier episodes where filmed with one camera.the later were taped in front of a live audiend hence the set change.Also I remember seeing a box of Wheaties that had Bruce Jenner on the front( was'nt happy days suposed to be in the 1950's)
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there were only two chucks and they're both alive and were brought back for the anniversary show.
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Eddie writes:
Maybe Mork foresaw the Cunnighams and made them forget about Chuck and gave them the new house so they could forget easier.
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jdpiatt writes:
And the front door moves to the other wall!
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marc writes:
Chuck's disappearance was never really explained because he was not a stand out character, so the producers figured no one would miss him.( I didn't ) As for the set change, that took place when the series began filming before a live audience.It most likely made entry and exit easier to an extent. It is also interesting to note that this is also when many inaccuracies started to take place such as hair style(s) being out of date and the introduction of Fonzie's cousin. (Ugh!)
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DarkBunnyofInle writes:
Yeah well I always knew there was something creepy about that Cunningham house . . .
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Spazmo writes:
They do explain what happenned to Chuck. He went off to college. But they only say it ONCE (?). I heard that on a special on TV Land about mistakes in TV. I think it also said that the actor who played Chuck died after the 1st season.
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DarkBunnyofInle writes:
There is no possible way that big huge gargantuous "white house" can be the same house we see from the inside. It just seems way too big, and they only have like four rooms on the second story . . .
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Motor City Sonics writes:
There are many, many inconsistencies throughout the run of Happy Days. One theory is that Chuck actually dropped out of school and changed his last name moved to a ranch in California, started his own "family" and went on a killing spree, so of course the family would disown him. But we know that the real Chuck or Charles we speak of was from Kentucky, not Wisconsin. Another theory is that Joannie killed Chuck after being driven mad by his constant basketball bouncing and that the Cunningham, wanting to avoid the authorities, buried the body in the crawlspace and then moved (never mentioning Chuck again). I like that theory because it explains the disappearance of Chuck and the new house. There are many inconsistencies with Ralph's past too. Like once we hear they met him in 10th grade and then we hear that he used to play marbles with them. I don't think many 10th graders played marbles, even in the 50's.
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vonbontee writes:
3 actors playing Chuck, darkbunny?! If you say so: I've never seen any of those early episodes. One thing I do know: A friend of mine actually met one of 'em while visiting Boston in mid-'94. They were staying in the same hostel; apparently the guy's now an accountant or somesuch...
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cpr writes:
One would think that chuck being the eldest child and a male at that, He would not be forgotten also in many episodes Howard Cunningham could be seen wearing a big, gold, clunky 1970's digital watch
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XStarrX writes:
There are two actors listed as playing Chuck for the 74-75 season. Gavan O'Herlihy .... Chuck Cunningham (1974) (with film credits through 2002, so not dead after the first season of HD) Randolph Roberts .... Chuck Cunningham (1974-75) (with film credits through 1986, so again, not dead just after season 1) This is from
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Adam G writes:
I think its all a consparicy
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Chuck was actually gay. When he came out of the closet to his parents and to Richie and Joanie they all disowned him. Today Chuck can be found in San Francisco selling speedo's to unsuspecting touristis.
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Dogsbodie writes:
I really think that Chuck dropped out of college and was drafted into the army. He then died as a result of a live fire exercise where he raised his head to ask a question. It was so tragic and painful that Howard and Marion just tell people that they have only two children.
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