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Loreal Kids' Shampoo - Bad Lipsynching
On the loreal kids' tear free shampoo commercial, at the end, there is a buttload of annoyingly horrible lipsynching children. They say "BECAUSE WE'RE WORTH IT TOO!!!" Watch the little girl in the front with curly hair. She appears as though she said "Ra ra ra ra ra ra ra". I just want to smash my television set each time this terrible commercial from hell appears.
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Contributed By: Minkyboodle on 05-18-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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ldybrdway writes:
I know EXACTLY what you mean!!! I HATE that commercial so much I change the channel when its on! I didn't think anyone else but me noticed that one.
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patricia__99 writes:
I agree! Its amusing to find slip-ups in film and commercials but this is one of those rare occasions where you wish you never noticed it in the first place. This one is by far the most annoying slip-up I have ever seen.
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cpr writes:
I've never seen this, but It's doing what it suppose to do..... annoy the HECK out of you so you remember the products name!!!!!
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Sarah writes:
You guys are all so right!!! That girl in the front row must have like an eye sensor or something to get your eyes to stick on her, and it's not because she is cute, because we all know THAT'S not true!! After I read all the comments though, and the one about it being dubbed over, is L'Oreal not a French company?, those kids could've been speaking plain French, and thats why it looks that way. I don't know though, mayeb you are all right, it's just put in our televisions to ANNOY us!!!
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NatedaGreat writes:
MAN, I know. It's because she is too young to speak decent English or she is eating peanut butter. That commercial is ANNOYING!
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O\ |_ | É /\/ writes:
In one of the newer ones, when they say "because we're..." (we're all sick of that), one of the kids just looks around and opens his mouth only to say ".. ... ... boo! ...". AHHH!
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Eddie writes:
That ad is sometimes DUBBED as well. NOOOOOOO!
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@ssKicker writes:
I remember at school, the Primary 1 kids never sang any songs that the Infants were set (Primary 1, 2 and 3). The Primary 2 and 3 classes sang or shouted and the Primary 1 kids just opened and closed their mouths and wondered why the words didn't come out. Probably because they'd forgotten. Could have been the same here.
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Ashley writes:
Every time I watch that commercial, even from the first time I have watched it, my eyes focus on that little girl
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Rattrap007 writes:
there is a little boy about 7-8 in an orange shirt his looks horribly unenthusiastic. He doesn't want to be in the commercial anymore than we want to see it.
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Blink Chick writes:
I know what you mean Ashley! Anyways, from the first time I saw that commercial I noticed it...she is so IRRITATING!! She isnt really cute at all, I dont know why I focus on her but ugh!
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