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Pokemon: The First Movie - Machamp Double Take
When the pirate throws out a Pokeball containing Machamp, he (Machamp) comes out of the ball twice!
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Contributed By: pikababy on 05-19-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Pokémaniac writes:
It did happen in the theaters.
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pikachu002 writes:
this was supposed to happen so the song would be the same length as the opening animation.
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Stacey writes:
I really think that scene was suppose to be all special effects and dramtic like, I don't think it is a mistake. It was suppose to play along with the theme song.
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Espeon/Umbreon writes:
I can't beleive none of you noticed this. When Machamp came out of the ball once, look at the name in the corner, then the second time it comes out, there is a second name. 4-kids needed a little bit more time, so they shown the scene twice. I dont know why they didn't show it in the movie. Also, in the biggining of the movie, when Ash threw the ball up, they cut a couple frames out from the Japeneese version. So its the same length. And the "Its Alakazam!" remark from Team Rocket was a mistake on 4-kids part. Also, the original movie was more in-deph than the American version. Originally, Mewtwo wasnt the only clone in the laboratory, he also had a friend, the wierd scientists' daughter who was killed. She was the one who taught baby Mewtwo how to talk. Well, the girl died, and Mewtwo kinda fell asleep. When he woke up, he was mad at humans for giving him a friend and taking it away comes the rest of the movie. And the Meowth and Meowth clone weren't talking about fighting in the Japenesse version, they were just discussing the weather. Just so ya know, I watch the Japaneese episodes and movies, ^(0_0)^
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Mars Guo writes:
Well that was mighty harsh. =) I'd like to point out that the animation isn't always that bad, and often they leave out details on some animations because otherwise it looks mechanical and overdone. There's a simplistic value that is adored by many artists. Also you can't blame them for the choppy animation--look at the compulsively detailed frames! They must spend so much time on getting the frames finished they can't afford perfectly smooth animation. All I can say is, either you love Anime or you hate it, but personally I think the japanese know how to make some pretty freakin nice cartoons. =)
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Gungan Din writes:
Okay, I'm sorry for letting off that steam earlier. I guess anime can be considered artistic and stuff, but it just isn't to my taste. However, I loved Inspector Gadget! (The show, not the movie, of course) Now, some theories: - Blunder on behalf of the postproduction staff. - Pirate has 2 Machamps, one faints off-screen. - Needed to "stretch" the scene to make it fit the soundtrack. - Some directors like showing the same action several times from different angles. Maybe this is an example. - Ash is so excited he's seeing double. - Machamp got his toe stuck in the ball and got pulled in again. Pirate let him out again. OK, just ignore the last two. Take it away, Mars.
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Mars Guo writes:
Lol! I think they had to make it fit the soundtrack, and didn't really mind that little glitch so they left it in. But the toe thing is a helluva lot funnier. And I doubt he had two machamp, he only threw one Pokeball... =\
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MasterSkull writes:
I think they just had to stretch it to fit and they meant to have Machamp come out twice.
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Disgruntled writes:
I guess Clutch Cargo must have been a masterpiece because of it's simplistic animation also. And since when does having motion in animation done fluidily correctly and realisticly make it look mechinical and overdone? Not that I hate anime or anything, but there's nothing wrong with opposite styles either. And the animation style of Pokemon isn't the best of what anime can look like.
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Mars Guo writes:
Aye, Disgruntled is right there. I agree with him so far. Pokemon looks like a piece of droodled carp next to some lesser known but much better anime I've seen.
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Trivimaster writes:
Well, it's a Japanese anime. Lot's of Japanese cartoons have that style of drawing, look at Sailor Moon, or Dragonball Z, or Samurai Pizza Cats!
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Mars Guo writes:
Er... that's what we were getting at, really.
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Duo God of Death writes:
I would like to bring back this question, how come the double take didn't happen in theaters? I didn't hear a different song in theaters from the same movie I now own on video. This is some awkward editing mistake that I have no idea how it happened O_o
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Diablo writes:
You mental? It was just for effects. Different camera angles. Pff...
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pikababy writes:
Well then why didn't this happen in theatres!!! Huh?
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PJPoon writes:
I don't remember seeing it in the theaters. Its probably some editing mistake when they put it on video.
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Gungan Din writes:
That's those screwy Japanese for ya. Spend all this time on colour pyrotechnics, pounding music, and bland exposition while making people whose eyes, mouths and legs are out of proportion. Makes you wonder why people like their shoddy animation so much.
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