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Sixth Sense, The - Check the Script
When Malcolm gets shot at the beginning of the film, his wife rushes to his side and the first thing she says is "Don't move, don't move!" But when the scene is replayed at the end of the film, the first thing she says is, "Oh God, oh God!"
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 09-20-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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my2cities writes:
What she says during the last scene is a continuation from the first shooting scene, therefore, she said both.
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Godzilla writes:
Who cares about what she said. what i want to know is how he got into the kids house and got coffee to drink without the mom helping him out.
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Chris writes:
I believe it is about as obvious as it can be. If at the beginning of the movie they show her saying "Oh god, oh god." Then you will be more likely to think that he was dead. However, when she says, "Don't move, don't move." That is to make you think that he will be OK. It is all there to play mind games with you. That is what this movie is all about.
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wittyjokes writes:
For gods sake. He was having a flash back... How much would you remember of what EXACTLY was said if you were shot. I mean, i cant remember what was said yesterday, never mind a year ago whilst suffering from a fatal bullet wound!!
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China Swanson writes:
I agree with my2cities. Its continuing the scene from the beginning. I also agree that the scene shown at the end would have been filmed at the same time as the scene at the beginning,(why would they film it once, and then come back days, or months later to do the same scene again? They'd get all angles on the set while they have it the way they want.)therefore, its less likely to be a mistake, but done purposefully. What I am wondering is if the child ever suspected he was dead?
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lost_in_brain writes:
THANK YOU my2cities! Sheesh, you people are slow!
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Jade writes:
I must agree with Wittyjokes. He didn't remember that he died so why would he remember what exactly she said and in what order she said it?
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cactus writes:
I work in a movie theatre where this film played for over a month. I saw this particular scene at least a dozen times. The first thing the wife says --the key being THE FIRST THING she says-- is indeed different.
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lando writes:
You're dead wrong on this one. She clearly says "oh god, oh god" both times in the movie.
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Joe writes:
Personally, right now I have no clue who is right. But I would probably be more willing to agree with lando, solely because this movie was so well planned that it would be hard to believe they would have to do a take of that scene after they had filmed most of the movie. It seems to me that they would have read the script and known they were going to use shots from that scene later on, so they probably got those shots during the same take of the shots they got for the beginning of the movie. If so, it would be hard to believe that Malcolm's wife would have changed the lines between immediate takes, and especially if the shots were from the same take!
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Trp writes:
Joe, although I agree with you that the movie was well planned, I have to disagree on your support idea about them having filmed most of the movie already. Most of the time, scenes are shot and filmed in an order desired by the director. In example, if there is a big huge explosion seen or something like that in a movie, the director will usually want to shoot and film that first, and then the scenes are usually shot from important to least important/simple.
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