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Animorphs#1 (K.A. Applegate) - Human Thoughtspeak
When Tobias is in Jake's room he speaks to Jake in thoughtspeak, since he's in morph. Jake replies in thoughtspeak even thogh he's not in morph!
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Contributed By: Joey Jay on 09-20-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Amy-chan writes:
You know, K.A. Applegate is asked this many times on her website, in Ask K.A. Applegate. She says that she was going to make humans capable of thoughtspeak, but she decided against it and forgot to take that out.
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fungus writes:
but can't Tobias do thought-speak while he's human? since it's a human MORPH???
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Flannelman writes:
The Hork-Bajir Chonicles doesn't say the Visser Three's host is a little Andalite girl. His host is Aloran-Semitur-Corrass, but the little Andalite girl is one of the main charachters. Her name is Aldera (she's the daughter of Seerow, the Andalite that gave the Yeerks Zero-space travel.)
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Dolphyn writes:
Everyone look at what Amy-chan said. She's absolutely right. I got the chance to talk to K.A.A once (before Animorphs was so big) and I asked her about several slip ups I'd noted in the first few books. That one in particular bothered her because she's says she gets that so often. She's already admitted to it. It's just a little blooper.
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Jake Heft writes:
Also, there are two(more?) references to who Visser Three is. In the Andalite Chronicles, it says that Ax's teacher became Visser Three's host, but in the Hork-Bajir Chronicles, its some little Andalite girl. What happened here?
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catter writes:
I thought that the ellimist explained to Tobias that he cannot use the blue box again because he already used it once. It's a one time use thing. So, if he were to change to human form for the duration of two hours, he would remain human unless the ellimist alters time and makes it so that Tobias never used the box. Those ellimists are clever things, aren't they? I just wish they had a more clever name.
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No, I Am Darth Maul writes:
Hellllooooo, everybody. If you dont know who visser three is, you have a serious mental problem! He is Alloran! The guy who all the Andalites hated because he used a terrible killing device. I personally think he did this as a Suicide. It says that he is Alloran in Book 8 (or 9, whichever is the First 'Ax' book), and in the Andalite Chronicles. Oh, I could name more, but I'm too lazy (as Dan Gookin would say)
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klulessfaerie writes:
There's also the fact that Tobias could morph to human, stay there, and grab the blue box, and he could morph again... but KA never used that idea... I'm sure Rachel would have thought of that even if Tobias doesn't want to be human. Does anyone know wether Tobias WANTS at all to be human.. or if he's just playing games with himself?
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SailorJuMoon writes:
let's clear this up for all you "SUPPOSED" Animorphiacs. The Hork-Bajir Chronicles happened before the Andalite Chronicles was. What made Alloran a reject in Andalite society is the virus that he makes to destroy the entire species of Hork-Bajir. During Aldrea's and Dak's escape, the Yeerk that we now know as Visser 3 gets control of her. But his previous host pulls him out. Much later, when Elfangor is on that mission with the 2 humans....the one human boy has a Yeerk in him. Elfangor knocked Alloran out so it was very simple for the Yeerk to crawl from the human kid to Alloran. And that is how Visser 2 came about.
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zeldafreak64 writes:
Here's my Q: how did we get on the subject of who Visser 3 is?! By the way, he becomes Visser 1 later. Anyone who has READ the Andalite Chronicles knows who the Visser's host is.
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Spug writes:
klulessfaerie: A nothlit can't get back the morphing ability! I thought everyone knew that. The nothlit's DNA is trapped. Only ellimists can give back morphing ability, but they can do almost everything :) Yes, Alloran-Semitur-Corass is Visser Three / One's host. In the Andalite Chronicles, Esplin Nine-Four-Double-Six wants Aldrea-Iskillion-Falan (Seerow's daughter) as a host. But he loses her. And later on Alloran appears, and Esplin (aka Visser) takes Alloran. Coz male Andalites are stronger than female (though females can morph better). Aah. Out of the world forever.
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Aaron Doucet writes:
YES! FINALLY! I thought i was crazy.... I knew of this for awhile. :)
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Panther writes:
I always noticed that! Thank you for putting it in . . . Maybe Jake has special powers. You never know. :-)
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