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Matrix, The - Bullets That Move Oddly
The bullets, when they freeze in the air (before Neo picks one up and drops it) are pointed directly at him. It may seem that bullets travel this way but fact is they don't. If you could actually freeze a handful of bullets in midair, they'd be pointing in all different directions. There movement through the air (though in a straight line) is a lot more chaotic (regarding the position of the bullet) than people realise.
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Contributed By: Chuck on 05-15-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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jtiel writes:
In modern weapons the bullets do not tumble at all while in the air. The entire purpose of rifling in barrels is to put a spin on the exiting bullet so that the nose stays pointed at the target. If bullets were to tumble while in the air they would not be able to be nearly as accurate as they are. Some bullets will tumble some when they hit a soft target, but that is entirely different. If you've ever seen a slow motion ammunition test into ballistic gelatin you will know all this is true.
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Petekill writes:
The movie is exactly correct. The rifling in the barrel of the gun makes the bullet spin, thus acting like a gyroscope. The only way the bullets could be tumbling is if the agents were using colonial muskets. (that would be pretty funny!)
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^Phantom writes:
Actually I bullets do fly straight, the spiraling of a rifled barrel causes the bullet to spin on its axis, this acts like a gyroscope and is why modern guns are much more accurate then old muskets. Want proof? find the old slow motion footage of a bullet cutting a playing card in half... And if you wonder how I know... I was a Marine Corps Marksmanship Instructor, weapons were my life.
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Mindbender writes:
First off, bullets leaving a modern gun spin because of the rifling, as a couple other people have stated, and while the bullet that Neo plucks out of the air seems a bit pristine to have been shot from a gun, they would all be facing him due to the gyroscopic motion. In regards to the level of the bullets or the recoil time etc... The premise of the movies is that the agents HAVE to live within the boundaries of "reality" as defined by the construct, but are able to bend reality (obviously). They are super strong, super fast, etc. So it's not hard to predispose that they are able to hold their guns level while firing (i.e. not recoil as a human would) and fire several rounds as fast as the mechanics of the gun will allow due to their enhanced speed. Plus, while it certainly appears to be a D.E., who's to say they haven't gotten an enhanced version of the weapon? Is it outside the realm of feasibility that a secret military organization (as they are supposed to be) would have enhanced versions of common weapons to carry around? $0.02
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NamelessOne writes:
@droodles No, I think the agents don't really have such abilities. They can change rules a bit and morph into normal peoples' bodies, but they can't change projectile courses to that extent. That's a bit exaggerated.
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TRiNiTY writes:
This wasn't a slip-up, just common sense. Weather the bullets actually travel in direct flight paths in real life or not is irrelevant, as is whether the Agents make them do so. In addition to this, the Agents do have to abide by the laws of Physics in the Matrix, but like Neo, they also know how to bend these rules. Take for example their ability to dodge bullets in the Dodge This scene. Neo was able to defeat them because although he knew how to bend the rules, he also knew how to -break- them.
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Flinx writes:
Hate to bust your bubble but bullets spin in flight and point at what they are aimed at. Since all 3 Agents are Aiming at Neo then the bullets would be pointing at Neo.
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Bezelbub writes:
T-bird - hate to burst you bubble, but the bullets are (are you ready for this) traveling at different positions, not in unison. It makes sense that the bullets travel at the same speed, since the guns look the same to me (correct me if I'm wrong, I'm not a gun expert.), but look when the bullets are stopped and we get the sideways shot, they're in all different positions!
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adriano writes:
You also have to consider that after you fire a shot, the gun does have kick. So, when they go to shoot again, their arm is a few inches away from where it was for the first shot and second and third etc.
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paranoid_android writes:
What I find strange is that although the bullets leave the barrels at basically the same height off the ground (ie. the agents are all around the same height and hold their guns out at arms length) when Neo stops the bullets they are travelling exactly straight and parallel to the ground but at different altitudes. The way I remember it, there's a big discrepancy between their respective heights off the ground.
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Valg Arze writes:
One minor note, when the bullets are in the air, they are still in the shape of a bullet. but when NEO stops them and picks one up, they are flat. you can see it really clearly when the bullets hit the ground. I can understand them being flat if they hit something solid, or even getting bulged by stoping so fast, but flat?
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Sammo writes:
According to the movie, WE live in the computer generated world. The Matrix. In OUR world, like the original slip-up finder stated, bullets travle chaotic. he agents were in our world when they fiered the bullets. Now, I'm unsure as to whether or not the agents could modify little things like that (without having to go in and change the matrix programming as they did in the glitch scene), but, if they could, would they really want to change something so simple?
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Fuzzy|Logic writes:
if the agents can hit a soda can in 100 metres how come they miss Neo X number of times? Why dont they calculate where to aim to hit him?
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ShmodZilla writes:
I still see people posting that bullets tumble and flop around "more than most people realize" this is completley false as has been stated many times!!!! If you know that you have no clue about such things why make up rediculous theories! These are not muskets. Modern firearms are precision equipment. As someone said they could hit a coke can at 100 yards becuase there agents. Well actuly with a rifle and scope thats a pretty easy shot. Again, bullets do not wobble,weave, tumble or anything like that.!!!
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T-Bird writes:
When the agents fire in unison, you see all the bullets traveling together, when in reality (it's not reality, but anyway) the first bullet would be long past neo before agent2 ever got his shot off. Oh well!
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Ali writes:
Don't the Agents have to obey the "normal" laws of Physics though, which is how Neo beats them in the end? Perhaps the bullets are tiny remote control tracking missiles that can travel in a straight line or perhaps you're just nitpicking.
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GalFisk writes:
Yes, that is kind of a slip-up, but I think more people would have been confused if the bullets were pointing in all directions. As you said, they travel more chaotic than most people know. So apparently, the directors choose to make it this way (or they didn't know better themselves, I didn't). Also, in all scenes with slowmo bullets, they travel too slow according to the rest of the world. If not, you'd have to wait ages between the gun shots to see the bullets slowed down from realistic speed.
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6878182 writes:
All gun barrels have a slight spinning line on the inside of it. Therefore the bullets spin when they are shot. It is the same for a spinning football. It spins straight. And the reason they missed Neo is because he is better than them. Better than the system, above it even. Neo is the one, therefore, the Agents couldn't hit him if they wanted to. That is after he believed that he is The One.
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Evil Tom writes:
They can only BEND rules, they cant make bullets change direction because that is a rule (it will travel in the same direction unless a force acts upon it, one of Newton's laws) but they can alter things such as how high they can jump. They cant jump up forever, gravity is still there but the agents have pre-defined "permission" for these rules. Changing the trajectory of a bullet is breaking a rule, but maybe having super accurate guns that are perfectly manufactured isnt? Thats why in the glitch scene, there is a glitch because it was changed, not bent.
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Tadabiyashi writes:
They're AGENTS. They could hit a soda can 100 yards away if they felt like it. (maybe...) They are extreme sharp-shooters
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droodles writes:
If you had actually grasped the concept of the film, you would know that the world he is in is computer generated and enhanced. Therefore the AGENTS could make the bullets travel in staight lines, backwards or even sideways if they wanted to.
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