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Gladiator - Changing Weather
After the battle of Germania, Maximus is strolling around the woods taking a look around when he finds a sword in a tree. Before he examines the sword carefully it is dark and flurrying. While he looks at the sword it is sunny and it appears that it has just rained. Then they show a shot of Marcus Ceasar and it is back to being snowy and dark again.
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Contributed By: Lawndartz on 05-14-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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treyball3 writes:
I think that the "snow" was actually not snow at all, but ashes from the burning forest around the men. That's what I was told anyway. Something to think about.
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Presto writes:
You are obviously getting your lefts and rights mixed up. Looking at the tree and head on at Maximus, you see him on the right side of the tree, swing his sword and it gets stuck, then in a later shot, you can see that he gets the sword from the right side again. I don't know what you saw, but the sword was in the same place. BTW, the weather was for visual imagery and cinematography. Anyways, haven't you ever seen it snow and then a part in the clouds as the sun comes through for an instant, followed by snow? It happens all the time.
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whoami writes:
I think that everyone here is missing the point. The slip up listed is about the weather but everyone is critiquing the sword. Some of you are all lost the CAESAR was not Marcus Antonius but instead Marcus Aurelius. Also I would like you to take a sword or axe or whatever and swing it with your right hand then go back and look from the same side as you say and see which side it is sticking out from the handle will be on the left like it is supposed to be. To be on the right he would have had to swing across body.
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Jester2000 writes:
I agree, it's ash from the burning trees. Still, one second the air is clear, the next it's full of ash.
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rockerchick906 writes:
Another reason the sword might be dripping is because they put some of the fire out with, what else, water.
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friekatoni writes:
Firstly, to all the people picking holes in the way the sword is positioned/pulled out, you are putting your gripes under the wrong subheading. This slip-up is about the weather, not the sword. About the weather, I noticed it too, and while some of it is most likely ash, it definitely is snowing too. I guess the drip on the sword is melted snow?
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Sefora writes:
Actually, I read that Russell Crowe said, that it WAS actually raining snow, when they did those first battle-scenes. And he said, that they were freezing to death with so little clothes on! So, there you go, it was snow. And also, the sword can be on the same place, they just shot it from a different side and/or angle!
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Shadowmen writes:
Have you ever chopped wood with an axe? When you get the head stuck in the log, you push down (or give it a good whack with your palm) on the far end of the handle to pull it out because you change the direction of your force, and pushing is much easier than pulling.
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Chookie writes:
With the sword, think about it like this. He's riding and embeds into the tree, slashing into it, and its yanked from his grip. To get it out, he can pull or push it to loosen the wood holding it in place. To pull, he might of lost his balance and looked like a idiot, so he pushed it out. Its slashed in a tree, not stabbed.
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DarthVader9999 writes:
I agree it probably is ash and if anyone cares it would be Marcus Antonius Caesar, its added instead of Minimus or Maximus which is the way the Romans distinguished older or Younger brothers sister so on and so forth...
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RealTigger writes:
Also, the slash that lodges the sword in the tree is done with his right hand, so you'd think the sword would be sticking out to the right when he comes back to get it. But it's not, it's sticking out to the left of the tree. And yes, in both these scenes, you're looking from the back of the tree...
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DarkSaber2k writes:
On the subject of that sword, I believe when he is getting it out of the tree, he pushes it INTO the tree, and then pulls it down. Surely this would embed the sword more firmly and then snap the blade?
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