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Evil Dead - Necronomicon Mistake
In the first movie, the face on the book and the general appearance of the book itself is completely different from the second movie. Also, in Army of Darkness (Evil Dead 3) the Necronomicon is a lot bigger and has a different face yet again!!
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Special Requirements: Copies of Evil Dead 1, 2, and Army of Darkness
Contributed By: The Prophet Wolf on 05-10-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Cat writes:
I got the chance to meet Bruce Campbell and was wondering about this so I asked him myself. He said it sort of looked like Ash was an idiot for going back to this cabin for vacation, but he acutally DID NOT go back. He said that the beginning of Evil Dead II was basically a recap of what happened in Evil Dead I, because for some reason they were not able to get the footage they needed from the first movie to do a recap that way. The only one with him is Linda because they felt that she was the only one really important to get the ball rolling and get the audience up to date enough to be ready to watch the sequel, since they knew that many people who would go see Evil Dead II would have seen the first one since it was not extremely popular or anything. Plus, I believe he said they had trouble getting all the actors back and just ended up deciding all they needed was Linda and Ash anyways... So it was'nt exactly a rewrite, because most of Evil Dead II is suppouse to be the continuation of Evil Dead I, but more of a sequel with a slightly altered recap of the last movie to get the audience up to date. This is pretty much what Bruce Campbell told me and my friend personally so I'd say its pretty credible.
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Undrhil (Not at Home) writes:
Scolman, the third movie takes place in the past ... just a slight bit before Ashe burned it ... :) Undrhil
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DB writes:
First of all to Burnt, Evil Dead II was not a remake, although many people believe it to be. What they wanted to do what continue off of the last shot of the first one, but didn't have the correct footage to do a recap of the first one due to issues over the rights of the footage. So instead the made a shorter recap with only linda in it at the begining. (A nice note here, Sam's term for the part where Ash takes off Linda's head in the second one is "recap of the decap) You will notice that after Ash buries her in the second one and it is day, there is a similar shot to the one at the end of Evil Dead one, this is where the movie is supposed to actually start. As for the different females, I don' really think that Sam was trying to make them look alike, he just wanted the Linda character in there. In Army of Darkness (which I will have to say is a great movie, not as great as the first one though) Linda is played by Bridget Fonda. As for the books, in Army it is supposed to be newer, in Evil Dead II they just wanted it to look a little better then the first one. But in every movie the pages inside are still the same.
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Cher writes:
The second film IS NOT a remake of the first one, they just simply wanted to continue from where the first one finished, even though there is no continuity here!!! And the book appears in Army of Darkness after being burnt in the original because Army of Darkness is set way back in the past, before Ash even went to the cabin!! WORK THAT ONE OUT!!!
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Shawappa writes:
I wouldn't call this a slip-up any more than I would call Ash's girlfriend Linda being played by a different actress each movie a slip-up... EVIL DEAD 2 is a re-telling of EVIL DEAD... Think about it... When you tell a story, it's not always the same EVERY TIME... Some details change during the re-telling... No different here...
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Ste writes:
The 1st one got into trouble with the censors due to tree rape , so Sam dicided he'd town down the 1st one and thats what the 2nd one is just with motre comedy , less gore and plot differences.
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Disgruntled writes:
What are you talking about? Part 3 (Army of Darkness) was the best one of the series! And Part 3 didn't have "big money", it was done on a pretty low budget.
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thrasherboy17 writes:
This slipup is slightly incorect. The book in Evil Dead was titled "Morturom Demonto", not Necronomicon. As for Army of Darkness, well it's my guess that a book bound in human flesh my shrivel a bit over a few thousand years.
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nosleep writes:
Odd that you would catch something as insignificant as that, but would totally miss that the his girlfriend is a completely different woman each time. The girls they chose for the parts don't even have similar looks.
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Burnt writes:
Actually, "Evil Dead 2, Dead by Dawn" is actually a "remake" of Evil Dead 1. Bruce and John wanted to redo some things they didn't like. ANd re did the entire film as a "sequal". Part 3, kinda sucked mostly due to big movie money being involved.
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Scolman writes:
Hate to say it, but didn't the book get destroyed at the end of the first one (Ash threw it into the fire) So how did it survive in the third one (If the second one is indeed a remake of the first)
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Black_robed_mage writes:
Evil Dead 2 is NOT a remake. It may look like one, but if you watch the commentary on the DVD, Bruce explains that Ash is stupid enough to go to the cabin again, with a new girlfriend who has the same name.
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