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Wizard of Oz, The - Scarecrow and Glinda
When the Wizard's balloon is lifted without Dorothy inside it so she could return to Kansas with him, there are some minor glitches in this scene that are not logical. First, I doubt Toto would have been distracted by a cat that was way off in a crowd being held by a woman. Also, when the Wizard says he can't return because he doesn't know how it works, there are sandbags around the basket that he could have clearly used to land the balloon again. And then when Glinda appears in the bubble, the scarecrow says "Here is somebody that can help you." That does not follow logic, since the scarecrow never met Glinda on their way to Oz, so he obviously would have no idea who she was, or what the bubble had inside it.
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Contributed By: kkodey on 10-18-2011 and Reviewed By: MaryK
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nomad762 writes:
A) Just because you "doubt" Toto would be distracted doesn't mean it's not possible. Something isn't a slipup just because it's improbable--it has to be not possible. B) You're assuming that balloons operate the same in Oz as they do in the "real world." Oz is filled with witches, flying monkeys, talking tin men & scarecrows &'s entirely possible that the balloon is magic-driven rather than powered by hot air. C) The scarecrow could have met Glinda prior to Dorothy's arrival, or known of her through legend, or been granted that knowledge when the Wizard gave him a brain. Sorry, but I don't believe any of these are slipups. Unless it defies all explanation, something isn't a slipup if it simply defies probability.
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Jollyrgr writes:
Toto could easily spot a cat in the crowd. Remember it was established in the beginning of the movie that Toto chased Almira Gulch's cat. This is what caused Dorthy problems in the first place. Sand bags are ballast. Releasing the sand bags would make the balloon go higher, not land. And this is a helium (or hydrogen) gas bag not a hot air balloon. (Hence why no burner.) The balloon was OUTSIDE in the main square as it were. This is where the witch did her sky writing when Dorthy first arrived at the Emerald City. The Scarecrow lives in the land of Oz and would know the who lived there; much like the munchkins knew who Glinda was. (Plus he now has a brain.)
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kkodey writes:
I would also like to add that the balloon requires heat from inside to lift it from the ground, and there was no heater inside the balloon. A balloon simply does not drift off into the sky without some sort of propulsion to lift it up, plus the fact that when the balloon started to sail inside the building, it had a potential of failure and crashing into the crowd, which would have resulted in all probability to some fatalities and many injuries. Sailing inside a building is a dangerous thing to do.
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