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Independence Day - Impossible Maneuvers, and Vanishing Shields
In the scene where the American F-18's first attack the alien saucer ship, they are forced to pull up and fly straight upwards in front of the saucer. One problem - F-18's can't do that! The F-15 is the only American combat aircraft capable of that maneuver.
When the alien fighter chases Will Smith's fighter through the canyon, and crashes into the canyon wall, where are its shields?
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 04-28-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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nofear writes:
The F-18's and 15's are multi role combat aircrafts, they are used for ground attacks and air to air combat. Any of the US "dog fighting" aircraft can do that including F-14's, 15's, 16's, 18's, A-4's, 7's and the AV-8's.
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bhamv writes:
Yeah, Triv's comments sound valid. When the gang are in Area 51, before Jeff Goldblum disables the shields with a virus, he's able to stick his hand within the shield's perimeter to place the coke can on the ship. It makes sense that the ship's shielding is selectively protective to conserve power, so things that pose no threat (such as hands), or things that will be a threat shield or no shield (such as mountains) will not activate the shield.
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mcwood83 writes:
It's Will Smith's plane that crashes into the canyon wall. The alien ship is still intact.
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Park cop writes:
Almost any plane can fly straight up, however the only ones that can accelrate going straight up are the F-15 Eagle and the F-16 Falcon. Their engines produce more thrust than the aircrat weighs.
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Trivimaster writes:
The Alien fighters shield can only withstand bullets and other projectiles, but a canyon wall is too massive and big for the shield to protect the fighter.
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Stealth killer writes:
Maybe the shield only stops fast objects (bullets, missiles).
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Talon writes:
The F/A-18C is powered by Two F404-GE-402 afterburning engines, each engine is capable of 17,600 pounds of thrust. That's 35,200 pounds total. The F-18 weights 23,800 pounds. In the movie the F-18's were loaded with two AIM-9 Sidewinders and two AIM-120 AMRAAMs. The AIM-9 weights 190lbs, the AIM-120 335lbs. Two AIM-9s and two AIM-120s would be 1050lbs total. The F-18 is capable of carrying 56,000lbs of ordnance. The F-18 and the weapons are a total of 24,850lbs. With 35,200lbs of thrust, 24,850lbs of weight, 11,150lbs of power not being used? The F-18 can pull that maneuver with no problem.
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Larske writes:
euhm bhamv, Jeff Goldblum first puts the can there, and secondly turns the shield on.
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b0x writes:
Uhhhh The sheild was up when he put the can there as he only touched his pc once to infect the craft
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krissy writes:
How about those of us who don't know anything about F-whatevers???
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spencer writes:
The shield is used to deflect projectiles and other hazards (let's forget the hand placing the coke for a second). The energy from a projectile is easily deflected side to side or top to bottom. Where would the energy from a cliff wall be deflected???
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Gimmly22 writes:
Or, maybe there is a transmission radius for the shield system.
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CBMark writes:
Actually, there are some types of 'fields' which will react in proportion to the amount of 'energy' (for example, kinetic) of an object which comes into contact with it.
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