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Deep Blue Sea - Eyelids?
Just at the end when the third shark is turning around from the fence, it blinks its eyes. Pretty hard, considering that sharks can't blink because, being fish, they don't possess eyelids.
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 04-28-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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cas84 writes:
Okay...three things. First of all, you are correct. Sharks do NOT possess eyelids. Second of all, they DO possess a covering for the eyes. But it is not an eyelid, it is a membrane. It is called the nictitating membrane. It protects the eye like an eyelid, and moistens the eye like an eyelid...but with one crucial difference. Both sides are moist, not just one side. And thirdly...some people need to know what they are talking about before they open their mouths...*coughs at all the other posts so far*
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MoonBaby writes:
Now I thought that sharks couldn't swim backwards. So if these hybrid sharks can I think that it would be possible for them to have some thing pretty close to an "eyelid". But Cas is right. It is a membrane.
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Swilester writes:
The person who wrote this Slipup has obviously never seen JAWS nor even have an inkling of what they're talking about. Like they say in JAWS, "they come at ya,those black eyes role over to white...". How anyone could have seen this movie before the king of underwater horror flicks is beyond me.
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avoidant writes:
Although it is true that most sharks have "eyelids" for protection (nictating membranes, specifically), MAKO and GREAT WHITE sharks do not. These two types of sharks have eyes that roll back for protection. Since the experimental sharks in this scene are MAKO sharks, they should not have "eyelids."
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dizzy devil writes:
yeah, and did you also know that sharks cannot stop swimming because they have no swim bladder and if they did the sharks would die!!!
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ruffryder writes:
The shark didn't blink, it was the glare from the sun. You should check your slip-up.
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Eugene writes:
Excuse me....I'm not sure,but are these robotic sharks?
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Saraitha writes:
Sharks have 'eye lids' .. they 'close' their eyes when they touch something.. for protection..
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Marshal Of Oz writes:
There IS an eyelid on a shark, which covers the eye, coming from front to back, which protects the eye while it is feeding, so as to stop a persons flailing limbs from poking an eye out.
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Steve Crow writes:
Of course, these mako sharks have been genetically modified, so it's possible they were further tinkered with to have blinking eyes. Why, who knows...? Still...
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Angel writes:
Is it even possible for a shark to swim backwards, nevertheless how smart they are?
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