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Matrix, The - Magic Bullet
At the end, when the agent pumps Neo full of lead, the agent is using a .357 Magnum. That gun only holds 9 bullets, but the agent shoots 10 shots at Neo. I don't know were he got that gun.
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Contributed By: Jesse Baumann on 04-26-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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The clip holds 9 rounds, you can cheat and have one prechambered 9 + 1 = 10, viola!
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kyofu writes:
the answer has already been posted. twice. it is a desert eagle, the clips DO hold nine rounds, and you CAN chamber a round, remove the clip, replace the round you just chambered, and reload the clip... leaving nine rounds in the magazine and one round in the chamber. yes, that is ten.
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Flinx writes:
The Gun Is a Desert Eagle and comes in a variety of Calibres.
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Jo-han Goh writes:
Just to add to my comment, at the training program scene where Neo and Morpheus spar for the 1st time, Morpheus tells Neo "I've seen an Agent punch through a concrete wall, men have emptied entire clips at them and hit nothing but air. Yet their strength and their speed are still BASED IN A WORLD THAT IS BUILT ON RULES, because of that, they will never be as strong or as fast as you can be." So with these "rules" they have limited ammo !!
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chris writes:
dont talk rubish it's a desert eagle.50AE. it hold way more than that. Plus this agent guy is a piece of computer software as is his gun so it could hold as many as he wants.
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Jo-han Goh writes:
If the gun had unlimited ammo, how come at the train station, Agent Smith ran out of ammo?
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Cheekio writes:
Dekevorkian has it right. 9 + 1 prechambered bullet equals 10 shots. that allows the running out of bullets in the subway, and the 10 shots into Neo. The reason that it's a REAL gun and not a 4009423 bullet gun, is that people would get suspicious at this bending of reality to work a gun if an agent discarded it. How's that?
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GalFisk writes:
That's right. Seems like some people here has been a little mind-washed (or whatever the word is) by the movie, and can't really tell reality (making of the movie) from what is happening in the movie itself. Like if the agents could in some way keep the gun filled with shells so that they seem to have 4009423 bullets in the Matrix, in reality(at the stage) they have to be reloaded in between.
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Lutin Plunder writes:
The Desert Eagle is chambered in .50AE, .440 Cor-Bon, .44 Magnum, .41 Magnum (discontinued), and .357 Magnum. The .357 Magnum holds 9+1, the .44 Magnum/.41 Magnum hold 8+1, and the .50AE/.440 Cor-Bon hold 7+1.
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droodles writes:
Because the reality they are in is computer generated, the magnum he uses could have 50 bullets if he wanted it to.
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Zero writes:
Chimera, By inserting one magazine and cycling the action(loading the pistol) and then removing the magazine and reinserting a new one is one way of prechambering or 'topping-up' he would not have to carry separate rounds in his pockets. Also, it *is* a .357 mag, the case from a 38 special was increased in length to produce this calibre, the .45 that you speak of is a completely different round ( being larger in diamertre and shorter in length ) alltogether. Finally, the Desert Eagle used in the film *is* available in .50 Action Exress.
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TRiNiTY writes:
Why wouldn't Agent Smith have been equipped with a spare clip? It's obvious that Agent Smith was taken by surprise by Neo's strength, and he wasn't counting on such a dangerous encounter. If Agent Smith didn't think Neo was the one, he obviously wouldn't have planned on using anymore than 10 bullets in order to kill him, would he?
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HP2Cuda writes:
Here is a Q: how come when he shot the last shot with the Desert Eagle the slide didn't stay open hmmm I own a desert eagle 44 mag it is 8 shot they make .357mag,.41mag,.44mag,.440corbone,.50ae and in the train station neo and agent smith ran out of ammo at the same time the berretta 92fs 9mm holds 17 rnds.
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slipknotguy187 writes:
EVERY SINGLE TIME I HAVE SEEN THE MOVIE, I counted 13 shots. I don't know where you people get 10. Seriously, watch closely and count every single shot you hear, it's 13.
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defroth writes:
I have checked it out 27 times. IT'S THIRTEEN BULLETS!.
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defroth writes:
We're in bullet time and the Agent is firing another shot while the previous is still in the air just a couple feet away from him. That means he must of been firing incredibly fast. Too fast for that handgun to handle. It's not possible. The Matrix has rules.
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BugBomB writes:
Jo-han Goh. Maybe in the train station Agent Smith just gets pissed off with shooting Neo and missing and decides too knock the crap out of him instead.
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Mykross writes:
Having zoomed in on several angles of the weapon, and on the falling ammunition, (the neo killing sequence is the best for this) I have identified the weapon as a MarkXIX DEP chambered in .50AE. This was a simple task as I own one myself. The standard magazine is 7 rounds, plus the one in the chamber. There is, albeit very difficult to find, a 14 round mag for this weapon. Regardless of the number of rounds fired, did anyone notice when they showed a round ejecting (top down view), that the next round jacked into the cylinder was a blank?
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Mykross writes:
In reference to HP2cuda's question about the slide not staying open, just a possibility, I have an aftermarket magazine for my 50AE that unfortunately the magazine follower retention pin (the device that activates the slide lock) is not quite the right shape. Consequently, it only causes the slide to lock after the last round about 50% of the time(I'll tell ya, it really sucks) although I don't know why an agent would have an aftermarket magazine(heck, I don't know why I have one!)
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Chimera writes:
1.The point of having a clip is that you don't have to reload individually such as in a revolver, correct? So why would Agent Smith have taken the time and energy of having not only a spare clip, but also a spare bullet in his pocket/holster. 2.There are also special NATO clips that can be bought relatively legally that hold up to 13 rounds for the gun shown, but i wont confirm it as a .357. 3.And by the way, if it was a .357, its not a magnum, or else it would be a .45 The term magnum means oversized, such as in NATO rounds. I.E. the 6.62mm rounds that are standard in the US special forces, are a 7mm in NATO 4.for those idiots that used the game EagleWatch and suggested that it was a desert eagle. GET A LIFE!!! None of the guns shown in the game even suggest what they look like, or how they work. A particular model of assault rifle does not tell how accurate it will be, as the targeting reticles imply, but it is the soldier firing the weapon that determines the accuracy. BTW the "Desert eagle" in real life is not a .50, it only comes in a NATO version, as i believe a 14mm
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