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Digimon - Tai and Biyomon Are... Idiots
When Leomon had been cursed when Devimon used 'Touch of Evil' to turn him evil, he attacks Agumon and the digidestined on the side of the mountain. When the 'camera' view goes down the mountain slightly so that you are looking slightly up and everyone, you can distinctly hear Biyomon say "But Leomon has always been Agumons worst enemy!" This clearly makes no sense, and is a huge slip-up for the writers/translators! Then, later in the episode when Tai and his digivice drive the darkness out of Leomon, Tai yells out something along the lines of "Yes, we sent that black gear right out of him!" But Tai never saw a black gear fly out of Leomon because he didn't have a black gear in him, it was the 'Touch of Evil'.
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Special Requirements: Eyes, and a DVD or video of the episode of Digimon Season One where the Digidestined meet Devimon.
Contributed By: Pixelfox on 04-18-2009 and Reviewed By: MaryK
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Tyler writes:
No. Biyomon said: But Leomon has always been Ogremons worst enemy! And at that point, I doubt Tai even understood black gears, nor did he know that Leomon was under the Touch of Evil. Before, he had seen the Digivice get rid of black gears and had never encountered the touch of evil, so he assumed that it was a black gear. About Biyomon, if you listen, you hear the R. I agree, her speaking is not clear, but she said Ogremon.
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Pokemon and Digimon's ultimate fan! writes:
She said Ogremon was Leomon's worst enemy!!! (By the way, why does poor Leomon always die??????)
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