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Pokemon - Mixed Up Pokeballs
In the POKeMON episode where the Nidorans Tony and Maria are in love, but their trainers hate each other, wait for the end where Team Rocket is defeated and they call back their Weepinbell and Arbok. James owns Weepinbell, and Jessie owns Arbok, but they call each other's POKeMON back. James got Arbok, and Jessie got Weepinbell. They'll be in for a surprise later.
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Special Requirements: Eyes, and a knowledge about who has which POKeMON
Contributed By: Notum on 04-22-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Mars Guo writes:
OK, OK, settle down, everyone. As usual I will break up your little quarrels and explain the matters. As we have learned from Pokemon Yellow Version and from Butch and Cassidy, while Jesse and James did train Weezing and Arbok themselves, Team Rocket duos tend to "share" pokemon as a team, because after all, they are *TEAM* Rocket and there is no *I* in team, nor in ROCKET. Woah that sounded dumb >_< Anyways the weepinbell matter. This next paragraph will explain a number of things, including why Victreebel is so very inclined to chew on James' head. Do you think ALL of the Pokemon that the Rockets steal go straight to the boss? And notice how many young trainers use Weepinbell. That plant was not rightfully owned by James. He STOLE it. Have you all forgotten who these people are? This is also the reason Victreebel repeatedly eats James' head! James has a high level Pokemon, no badges, and the Pokemon wasn't even originally his. Victreebel either has a major grudge against james, or is rather irritated by shiny blue round objects. That should explain everything. Bubye! ^_^
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Mewtwo writes:
What was said before that TEAM Rocket is a *team* and they use each other's Pokemon is the best explanation. It is not a slipup! And about Meowth : sometimes he attacks at his own will but he also attacks when Jessie commands it to him and beats him an James up. She sometimes acts like she is the leader.
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MewMaster9000 writes:
Come on u don't have to see everything ie: the coyote getting the dynamite blown up in his face and the next screenshot he's regular
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JTRaptor writes:
James remarked in "The Breeding Centre Secret" that his Victreebel had evolved into a Weepinbell. Just so you know.
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Daniel writes:
I saw the episode with Victrebell, but what happened to him? He was never in another episode!
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Almighty_Musachan writes:
There is no proof the Victreebel isn't James'. There are quite a few episodes that Victreebel doesn't attack him! Remember: The Centre was a horrible place. I wouldn't want t be there! How do you think cute little Wepinbel felt? Probably abandoned. So, after getting out who could he attack?! James, of course! And remember: It also attacks Meowth and Jessie. The second episodes James-chan used it it went after Meowth! In the Nidoran episode, it attacked Jessie! Random Johto episodes it again attacks Meowth! And isn't it possible James could have had a Weepinbell as a child? Jezebel, his fiance, considers grass Pokemon refined. And a match for Oddish is Bellsprout. Wouldn't she want them to match PROPERLY? She is a bit crazy, after all. ^_^; Oh well. Also, James's accent isn't THAT bad. I like Koji's voice better, but it's pretty good.
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Notum writes:
Woah, child, a bit hyper, aren't we? First off, all caps isn't the best way to insult this, and second, if you look at the red lines coming from the POKeBalls, it's obvious that they got the wrong POKeMON, okay?
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Disgruntled writes:
Mars Guo, you are beginning to anger me.
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Cheki-chee writes:
Okay first I'd like to say that I love Team Rocket especially James, but I think these comments have gone kinda off the point. The reason Jesse and James called back each others Pokémon is because they are a team and they always use each others so this is no slip up.
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Kidvid01 writes:
I don't remember which episode it was but Jesse takes out a Pokeball and yells "Weezing, go!" and Weezing comes out of the Pokeball she was holding!!!
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MewMaster9000 writes:
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I Love Rebecca Cartwright writes:
When are more episodes of series 2 coming on. HEre in Australia, they played them as soon as they got them and run out, and Chez Tv, is waiting for new ones to come on again.. You know the ones with Tracey instead of Brock? Well Victrobell is always on them. James is always using it and it always sucks his face..
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HelgaG.Pataki writes:
Well, actually, I seem to recall that in the episode "Snack Attack" James lets out Weepingbell, or Victreebell, and, it sucks his head, but then James goes "Get them, not me!" And it does, so there's some proof that it's James.
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the webmaster writes:
Please go to the discussion board to chit-chat. The comments area is only for the purpose of giving more information on this particular slipup to clarify or disprove it.
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Gungan Din writes:
James has a feminine voice anyway.
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Gungan Din writes:
Of course it's James! Who did you think it was, Henry Kissinger?
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PokéMaster 2000 writes:
Someone explain this to me :- In the episode where Cassidy and Butch start a breeding centre, James says, "this is the breeding centre where I left my Weepinbell the other day," before he finds it is a Victrebell. When did James recieve Weepinbell? I might have missed an episode but if someone could tell me the episode title I would be most appreciative.
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MewMaster9000 writes:
For one thing, all you foreign people, I'm glad you post comments. That's my time for nice comments. BYE BYE!
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Mars Guo writes:
WHAAAAAT? You guys make no sense! What are you saying, exactly? First of all, Weepinbell evolves into Victreebel, not the other way round. Secondly, the fact that james says "Get them, not me!" doesn't prove one blinkin' thing! Victreebel disobeys because it doesn't think James is worthy of its presence. Also, it's a stolen Pokemon. But it knows as every Pokemon does that at some point it has to stop fooling around and obey its master, whether rightful master or not *cough*charizard*cough* for its own good.
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Gungan Din writes:
Jesse and James received Ekans and Koffing as gifts, which is up there on the lame-o-meter with renting Pokemon. Meowth is not so much their Pokemon as a partner in Team Rocket. He only attacks when it fits his ego to do so. Notice he never goes in a PokeBall. Victreebel, however, remembers when he was a Bellsprout, captured by little Mikey, who raised him to a Weepinbell. But one night his world was shattered when an evil nebbish and his bimbo friend stole him, stuffed him in an illegal breeding centre, injected him with Leaf Stone proteins, and expected him to act like nothing had happened. So when this dunderheaded nebbish with no badges and an overdone accent commands Victreebel around like he owns him, he does the opposite: sucks on his head! However, all Pokemon must obey at some point, so when he's had his fill of blue dye and James has been suitably humiliated, he reluctantly attacks.
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