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Independence Day - Earth Guys Kick Alien Butt
The Area 51 scientist says that the aliens possess technology "far more advanced" than Earth does. Yet our F-18 fighters outmanuever their "advanced" craft, our missiles destroy their "advanced" invasion vessels, our computer geek hacks into their "advanced" system, the aliens lack "advanced" sensors to warn them of intrusion, and a small, nuclear missile blows up their whole "advanced" mother ship.
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Contributed By: Captain Kirk on 07-09-2008 and Reviewed By: marvelguy101, MaryK
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nomad762 writes:
They're ships operated on an unknown power source that the scientists never did figure out. They possessed force shields that stood up to a direct nuclear impact. They had mastered interstellar travel. They possessed energy-based weapons that could decimate entire cities. "Advanced technology" does NOT mean "superior in every imaginable way." There have been many points in history where more "primitive" people kicked the snot out of the "technologically superior" forces (Native Americans vs. US battles, African tribes vs. British troops, heck there were even several dogfights in the Korean War where a "primitive" WWII era propeller driven fighter took down a brand new missile & radar equipped jet fighter!) The aliens obviously relied almost entirely on their force shields in battle. Once their computers were hacked & the shields rendered inert, they weren't all that tough. But it sure doesn't make them any less technologically advanced.
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Captain Kirk writes:
It's a flawed script that was made into a flawed movie. They also borrowed very heavily from 1953's "War of the Worlds" plot. What a bunch of wimpy aliens; they deserved to get their rear ends thumped. Darth Vader would have blasted the Earthlings first and asked questions later.
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