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Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace - Qui Gon's Burn
After Qui gon gets stabed by Darth Maul. You see a burn in his shirt. But the burn was already there. Look at Qui Gons shirt when darth maul smacks Qui gons Lightsaber a second before Darth Maul stabs him. You can see the burn from Darth mauls lightsaber stabing him. But Darth maul hasnt stabed him yet. The burn was there a second before he was stabbed. Its quick, so look hard.
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Contributed By: Jeremy on 04-19-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Spazmo writes:
Sam's right. (and this is the 2nd time I've said this) The FICTION in science-Fiction is a lot more fun than the SCIENCE! :)
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Jeremy writes:
Bobby, Dont get your panties in a wad! No the burn wasnt there before he got stabbed because of heat. If that were true, then every time Qui gon and obi wan strike a pose looking cool with their lightsabres an inch or two away from their faces, they should get burned. Or how about when obi Wan Clashes sabres with darth Maul right before Maul knocks him ower the ledge? Obi wans face is right down there an inch or two away from the lightsabre. If your theory were true then his face should have Friggen melted off. No, no. It wasnt heat, is was a slipup. Deal with it.
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Sam writes:
bobby, A passage from page 116 of shadows of the Empire in which Luke is testing out his new lightsaber: He held his left hand near the blade. No sensation of heat; that was good; it ment the superconductors were working. Sorry, but the laws of nature don't apply to the Star Wars universe(read sound in space section). Put down the science books, please!!!!:)
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Gravy writes:
LOL! If I was Bobby Drake, I'd be learning a big lesson in being polite from this one! Still, I may be wrong! If only Bobby had thought that before the torrent of abuse! Kids, eh!
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Souul writes:
Not too mention, lightsabers only give off heat if the Jedi using it concentrates his force using abilities..... otherwise the lightsaber couldn't have burned down the blast doors on the Trade Federation ship
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CloudVII writes:
This whole thing is screwed up because as the page from SOTE {Shadows From the Empire} there is no heat from the lightsaber but in ESB when Lord Vader slices off Young Skywalker's hand there is smoke. Can anyone explain this saber heat problem!?!?!?!?
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Mr C writes:
Lightsabres are basically energy beams right? therefore they will give off energy right? In the form of light (where they get their name from) and sound (the really cool "wooosh vvvrrrrrrmmm vvvvrrrrrmmmm" noise) so again it is not unreasonable to suppose that heat energy is given off as well right? Mechanical objects are prone to failure so maybe the super conductors in mauls sabre stopped working or cut out briefly to allow the dude to get burned. After all it was a pretty intense fight. I think that this is all getting out of hand when really the only thing a lightsabre has to do is look really cool.
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cody writes:
Usually when molocules are moving faster, they are hotter. Heat has more energy than coldness(however you say it) because it's hot! It's a slip up cause they thought that no one would take the 2 seconds to click the slo mo button on their control to see every single slip up in the movie so they could post one on this site!
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Megaman777 writes:
Okay. Lightsabres are made out of light, right? No argument there. THe light is generated, so there is heat. IN THE HANDLE. THe handle disperses the heat through cooling mechanisms. Now, you step outside. Does the sunlight burn you? No. Does a concentrated beam from a magnifying glass burn you? Yes. Does the beam itself generate heat? No. Does a lazer pen burn you? Only your retinas. Therefore, IT'S FRIGGIN LIGHT PEOPLE! It's incredibly fast, powerful light channeled through diamonds and stuff("Shadows of the Empire", "I, Jedi" to name a few), so just suck it up, get a magnafying glass, and burn some leaves. That gives you your smoke. Now, think outside the beam
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Pyro writes:
Maybe bobby drake and Jeremy are both right, but the heat only radiates from the END of the light saber blade, not the sides.
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wannywan writes:
Lightsabres don't give off any heat. The effect of 'burning' when it comes in contact with stuff is because of the rapidly moving molecules in a lightsabre. If you get burnt by a candle, what really is happening is that the heat speeds up molecules in your skin and you feel it as a burn. same thing happens with a lightsabre except it doesn't give off heat.
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Mr C writes:
Look, the whole thing is so totally cocked up. Luke gets burned by Vaders Sabre in ESB, like the smoke coming from the cauterised wound. So Vaders sabre gives off heat (sometimes). Maybe its because the Sith are nasty so they let people get burned by thier sabres. Or maybe it is the colour red thats doing it, Red is an energetic colour and symbolises fire in many cultures. Do you think George Lucas intended this? or do you reckon that it doesn't really matter anyway? (After all its only a film, entertainment, for fun, George Lucas said so himself man) lighten up. (by the way if we only use proper English, can we loose the American English spell check?)
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bobby drake writes:
god you are a idiot! the burn was there before the light saber went into hime b/c the light saber gives off heat. when you hold your hand above a candle you can still get a burn. god you need to go back and read some science books b/c you are a moron. now try it light a match and hold your hand above about 4 or 5 inches... what happens? YOU GET BURNED MORON!!!!!
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