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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Horseless Carriages?
In the last chapter, "The Beginning," Hermione turned away, smiling at the horseless carriages. I know it doesn't state that Harry was looking at them, but obviously he would have looked at them at some point as he had to get into one of them. Why did they still appear horseless to Harry? He had already witnessed Cedric's death.
I also read on a different slip-up that it was made clear the death has to 'sink in;' this was not stated in any of my books. Hermione said "the only people who can see thestrals, are people who have seen death." That is all that is said about the thestrals.
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 09-22-2007 and Reviewed By: Baby5566, Pete
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korax1214 writes:
Firstly, Harry did NOT see his parents' deaths. He was in his cot at the time, and all he saw was some flashes of green light. Even if he had seen the deaths, he was too young to take in what he'd seen. Secondly, although Harry saw Cedric die, he went back to the Dursleys' only two weeks later, while he was still in the "denial" phase. By the time he returned to Hogwarts at the beginning of book 5, eight weeks had passed and he'd finally accepted Cedric's death, hence was at last able to see the Thestrals. This is probably the most common bogus "slip-up".
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jennimiki writes:
Oopsie, Rowling has stated that he was too young for Harry to have understood their deaths, so that's why he couldn't see the Thestrals yet. Abby, that is the movie, not the book. WB often changes the story to make it fit in time-wise (like it or not). When referring to Harry Potter, the movies and books are WAY separate. Personally, I think Jo just didn't want to introduce the creatures quite yet.
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Digimon_9009 writes:
Here's a link to an FAQ question direct from JK Rowling's official site.
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Oopsie writes:
It wouldn't matter if Cedrics death didn't "sink in" yet , because Harry already witnessed his parents death.
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abby writes:
I just saw this movie two days ago, and it's not Hermione that tells Harry only people who have seen death can see the thestrals. It's Luna.
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