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Prince of Egypt, The - Someone Didn't Read the Bible
After the Hebrews have crossed the Red Sea, Moses goes up to what is supposed to be Mount Sinai.
He then returns with the tablets where the Ten Commandments are inscribed....fine.
So, what is the sliup?
Moses is still a young man who is able to see his way down the mountain....
according to the Bible, he goes blind AND his hair turns white because he aged while being with God in Mt. Sinai...
or just go ask Charlton Heston.....
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Special Requirements: the movie "The Prince of Egypt" and general Bible knowledge...
Contributed By: samiris on 04-16-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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kitiara writes:
Actually there are a LOT of things in the movie that are completely inaccurate to the bible, I'm surprised the the only discrepancy brought up is the age of Moses at various points in the movie. I could make a list, but it would be long, and I don't really feel like it. My thought is this...the producers and director are very much aware of the things they changed and left out (mostly due to time restraints, there is a full directors commentary on the DVD if you want to find out all the reasons they did what they did), so these are not really mistakes. What they were shooting for was the feeling that they were able to give the movie. Their focus was on the emotional content, they were not attempting to create a historical reference. Also, it is a kid's movie and has been dumbed down a bit for the audience level.
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Asthore writes:
Oh, and BTW, he doesn't age on Mt. Sinai. His face is radiant because he was in the presence of God.
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Asthore writes:
The Bible doesn't say that Moses went blind or that his hair turned white on Mt. Sinai. What it does say is that when he came back down his face was radiant and he had to wear a veil.
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Flinx writes:
Take your own advise read the bible don't reference the movie.
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ldybrdway writes:
Moses's age...which in fact is WAY off anyway because he's supposed to be over 100 when they LEAVE called poetic liscence...I mean which would you rather see?
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Ross McGovern writes:
While we're at it, it wasn't Zipporah who went to Pharaoh with Moses, it was Aaron. And the forty years Moses spent as a shepherd do seem to pass pretty quickly, don't they? And William Wallace was never called "Braveheart" to my knowledge... oh, sorry, wrong film...
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Arctic Dragon writes:
yeah i agree with both of you but the thing I think is messed up in the movie is that they just cut it off right there, what about the part where moses hits the rock and water comes out? what about the part where the mana or food comes out if the sky and the birds fall so thy can eat??????
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Blue_m&m writes:
Also, the stone tablets are broken by Moses when he gets angry, he does not come down w/them already in two pieces.
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