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Back To The Future 3 - How Did He Fall In Love With Clara?
When Marty and Doc save Clara from falling into Clayton Ravine, they are out to check on the railroad track that they will be pushing the time machine on. They hear Clara screaming and then save her from falling. Well then how did Doc fall in love with her when Marty wasn't there. The tombstone says "erected in eternal memory of his beloved Clara", but she would have just died before he actually met her, unless he just so happened be out looking at the track for no apparent reason when she was about to fall. Pretty coincidental.
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 12-17-2006 and Reviewed By: Baby5566, MaryK
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Hack Ace writes:
No. Both comment and original post are wrong. In the time line without Marty being in 1885 but Doctor Brown being there, Doc would have been asked to pick up Clara and would have done so. As he brought her to town they would have had plenty of time to fall in love. In other words had Marty not gone back to 1885 Doc would not have gone to look at the tracks but would have been picking Clara up as he was supposed to. It was Clara that erected the tombstone for Doc as he was killed; not her. But let's expand on this further. Do realize that the Doc in 1885 read the name of the ravine as "Shonas" (sp?) the old Indian name off the map. Doc and Marty noted that it was named after a teacher from 100 years ago. Both the 1885 Doc and Marty are in the timeline where Clara was killed as they lived the pre-altered timeline; the one BEFORE Doc went back to 1885 and BEFORE she would have died. This is true as they both know it as Clayton Ravine. The Doc that helps Marty get back to 1985 knows the ravine as Clayton ravine as the 1985 Doc has not yet gone to 1885. The question I have is the Doc of 1955 that helps Marty get to 1885 know the ravine as Shonas or Clayton?
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Broxma writes:
So I gave this a lot of thought because it is a point in the movie which has always bothered me. I believe I have the answer to the "Clayton Ravine" issue. We can start at the end of the second movie since that's where the issue begins. Doc goes back to 1885 by way of lightning bolt. Marty is stuck in 1955, gets letter. Goes back to 1885 to rescue Doc. We all agree there. What this does, is it creates two 1885 timelines, in addition to the original one in which Doc never goes back. Up until the lightning in 1955, the original 1885 timeline is unmolested. Everyone knows the ravine as Clayton Ravine, having been named after our unfortunate Clara. In the first modified timeline, doc has been happily living as a blacksmith, he saves Clara, and dies at the hands of Buford Tannen. In this instance, the only person who would have known the ravine was ever renamed to Clayton Ravine would be Doc. Marty is in this timeline, he got the letter from Doc in that timeline. Marty, from the first modified timeline, goes back to 1885, and creates another timeline. In this timeline, Clara is also saved. Again, no one other than Doc would have ever known the Ravine has been renamed. When Doc mentions to Marty the Difference in names, the proper response from Marty should have been, "What do you mean? It's always been Shonash Ravine." Because to that Marty, either of the modified timelines has Clara being saved. The only one which didn't, was the original one in which Doc never went back. Marty is definitely in the modified timeline which has Clara being saved. The fact that he went back before the incident occurs, doesn't change his previous knowledge of it. Doc has gone back, and in doing so, all knowledge of Clayton ravine has disappeared in everyone's mind, except his own.
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FiveCentFather writes:
Actually, given Doc's absentmindedness, I can easily think of a scenario that would still work with the timeline that has the Doc and Clara, but no Marty. Doc still would have been told to go pick up the schoolteacher from the train station as he was when Marty was there. However, given his propensity for getting distracted, he would have remembered LATE (probably when he heard the train whistle) and would have been on his way there while she was would have rented a carriage and be on her way into town. The horse would have spooked and she would have raced past him. He could have saved her (and subsequently fallen in love) just as he did in the movie, even if Marty had not been there.
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Jeff Smith writes:
Actually thats not true, because if Doc would have picked up Clara, without Marty, then the ravine would have never been named Clayton ravine after her falling into it. When Marty said the ravine was named after some teacher that fell into it, well if Doc had picked her up then that wouldn't have happened and in 1985 the story of a teacher named clayton would not have been heard by Marty.
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