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Sleepy Hollow - Never Seen a Corpse Do That Before!
When Ichabod is performing an autopsy on the widow, who has been dead for at least a week, blood spits out of a cut he has made. Duh! Does he not realise that dead blood congeals in a few hours, let alone a few days??
I also mind at one stage he says all the beheadings had been done with a blade that would cauterize the wound, causing it not to bleed. So when Katrina's father is beheaded, why does he spurt blood?
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 04-11-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Alex writes:
Her fathers head wasn't cut off, he was standing in the church and the horseman threw the fence post through his chest
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Jussac writes:
Katrina's father WAS beheaded- the fence-post thing was merely the horseman's way of getting him out of the church because he couldn't pass the gate. The Horseman dragged Baltus Van Tassel's body all the way to the fence and then cut his head off with his sword, remember?
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Jonathan writes:
blood always spurts from every head that is cut off in sleepy hollow. remember the blood on the sarecrow from the second beheading? when he says it doesnt bleed he means that it wont bleed after the first cut is made. of coarse there is going to be some blood when the sword first cuts it off the head.
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Jade writes:
OK-Theoretically,if a wound is cauterized by the blade making the wound, then no blood should be seen. There would be no time for the blood to spurt, because the cauterization is simultaneous with the incision. I say theoretically because there is no way that the sword could have cauterized the wounds. The sword could not have been nearly hot enough. And about the autopsy, the widow must not have been dead, because blood cannot "spit" out of a dead person. The reason that blood spurts from a wound is because the heart is pumping it out. Once the heart stops beating, there is nothing to move the blood.
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Harvey writes:
If the horseman was from the underworld (which, in itself, is very hot) his sword could be very hot too. Hot enough to cauterize a freshly made wound upon the moment of impact.
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Lady Gish writes:
If you go to the official movie site there is a link or 2 about the special effects. The lead effects man commented on this and said that Burton decided that spurting blood would look 'funnier'. so while its not technically correct, its a Tim Burton film.
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Alkanen writes:
Or, possibly, this is a comedy style horror movie and they thought that it would be hilarious with Ichabod coming out all bloody and half scared to death after the autopsy
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Bubble_Gurl writes:
Actually it says on the DVD extras that Tim Burton would take and use any chance he had to spray blood on Johnny Depp. So it may not be actuarate but it was intentional on Burton's part.
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