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Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope - Vader Locked on, Luke Should Be Dead!
In the final scene when Darth Vader is pursuing Luke on the Death Star, watch the sequence of events very closely.
Vader locks on,
Vader fires,
Han Solo Comes in and blasts Vader away!
Wait a minute! If Vader had already fired, while being locked on, Luke's X-Wing would have been seriously damaged if not destroyed. Did Vader miss? Not likely, and he hasn't missed with any of the other How can the scene continue like nothing happened?
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 11-07-2006 and Reviewed By: marvelguy101, MaryK
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Mykross writes:
Okay, here's one I can help with. TIE fighters have a fairly simplified targeting system, point the ship at the target, fire the turbolaser, hope the taget doesn'treact before being hit. Wheras the TIE X-1, Vader's personal ship and the prototype for the Tie Interceptor, has a multi point firing system similar to an X-Wing. The system allows for the cannons to be fired in succesion, in alternate pairs, or in a "locked on" simutaneous shot. The first two are "dumb fire" meaning they just fire the direction the ship is fired, like the standard TIEs. The third setting however, allows for cannon attitude adjustment, target lead anticipation, and positional syncronization; this basically equates: if this setting hits you, you're dead. However, a turbolaser, once fired, cannot be redirected like, say a missile with image recognition could be. It goes in a straight line, period. So, if Vader, or more likely, the computer, misjudged/anticipated, or Luke just happened to have something of a flash of insight and twitch the control, the shot would miss, Luke lives to save the day, Vader says some very bad words, and everything is alright. Did I sound what I knew what I was taklking about? Phew!
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xoandre writes:
Another thought on the Death Star thing.... Think back to the scene where the Millenium Falcon is tractor-beemed into the Death Star... Wouldn't it make the MOST SENSE to just TURN ON the dang Tractor Beam and suck those X-Wings in so they couldn't do anything? Sure they were not an obvious threat from the perspective of the guys in charge of the Death Star, but with all those workers and engineers on the Death Star, you'd think someone would have considered it...
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