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Terminator 2: Judgement Day - Whoa..Wait...You Forgot Something
In the steel mill scene, Arnold gets his arm caught in a gear where it is detached from his body. He walks away and the arm remains in the gear.
The main mission in the second half of the movie is to destroy all information, files, eveidence, etc. about the Terminator in order to stop the reoccurance of any of the hazardous events in the future and to stop any more Terminator creations.
They all went through a lot of trouble and harm to accomplish their mission, yet the arm(evidence)remains lodged in the gear. Seems all for all can happen again.
Is this just means for another sequel, or just a slip-up. I guess we'll find out.
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Contributed By: Wind Rider on 04-10-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Jack writes:
I'm guessing they meant to do that. I'm hoping that too. T3 would be more than sweet.
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kodiak writes:
T3 is in the works with Arnold reprising his role. However, Jim Cameron is not going to be involved in this next film at all. He wants to disassociate himself from the Terminator franchise altogether. Kodiak
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shawn writes:
Yes he is going to be involved. He is directing it.
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dso47 writes:
The arm wouldn't have been very important. The main threats were the chips and the work that guy was doing. Arnie says something about his chip at the end, but doesn't refer anything else. Just my $0.02
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Stealth killer writes:
Personally, I think the hand is too much "destroyed". Also, it's just a metal they will probably be able to get in the 21st century.
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chemguru writes:
Well... most of Cyberdyne's work was based on the chip that was found. If the chip is destroyed along with all the data on it, then both Terminators should've ceased to exist. BUT! that's a WHOLE 'nother discussion. I have to agree with the other comment stating that it was probably too mangled to identify, and also it was probably plausible material. --Chemguru
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strawberryp0cky writes:
Uh, yeah, it was for the sequel. As far as I know, they always wanted to make a sequel.
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Shadow writes:
well... now we know there is a sequel, but you can clearly see the arm is smashed. His MAIN mission is to save JOHN and his second is to destroy all evidence. So if he went for the arm, he could have lost his other arm, then how is he going to save john. In addition, it is a STEEL MILL it can melt somewhere, there is molten rock EVERYWHERE
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Barry Normal writes:
Dam was just about to post this lol. It has to be a slipup if not by the films makers at least by the Connors and Uncle Bob ;) I think ANY left parts would be important crushed or not. Anyway all time theory arguments on other films and in real life would say that because they existed in our time travelling from the future it would be impossible to stop 'judgement day'. There are no grey areas involved you exist or don't exist even if only existing for a split second you still exist and all the time inbetween from when you travel back in time e.g. vanishing pictures in 'Back to the future' used as a gimmick for the viewers titillation. There was an alternate ending to T2 where they stopped judgement day so my opinion is that it was still a blooper by the makers. With only the 'War of the machines' now a hell of alot of hardware to destroy in future Terminator films now to get 'closure' and then in the rebuild alot of paranoia and watching backs for blue bubbles created out of nowhere to be sure the goodies won! rofl. Perhaps if T4 is the war, T5 the end of it and humans rebuilding, T6 could be some nefarious humans scavenging Terminator/time machine parts for their own end lmao.
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