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Die Hard - Safety Glass
In the movie, John has to walk across broken shards of glass with his bare feet because windows in the office had been shot out. However, according to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) rules, all glass in work environments, like the Nakatomi building, has to be safety glass. Safety glass is harder to shatter, and when it does it breaks into more harmless little blocks of glass rather than shards.
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Special Requirements: Die Hard movie and basic knowledge of OSHA standards
Contributed By: Anonymous on 04-08-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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dashia writes:
Its a movie, it's not supposed to be reality, if it was it woould be a lot less entertaining.
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Burns writes:
This movie was made in the 80's, probably before the regulation was activated.
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jmack writes:
Safety glass at the minimum will merely not produce shards, NOT beautifully rounded nodes. You can still get cut on the fragments. And the reason Bruce leaves the shoes is 'that of all the terrorist in the world ,I get the one with tiny feet!'
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wnnepooh writes:
OSHA can regulate the glass all it wants. I've seen "safety glass" shatter and it isn't all little blocks.
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mdrew518 writes:
It is a MOVIE!!!!!!!! They are all fake. Made to Entertain you. If it was saftey glass then the whole part of him not having shoes would be pointless. It is an on-going joke through the whole movie.
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Rhuddleston writes:
He did try the shoes they didn't fit
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Dan writes:
As he said, the shoes were way too small for him...
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Wildcatgurl writes:
Hey Winnie, yes I've also seen safety glass shatter. It depends on what kind of safety glass that it is. It may not be little blocks, but there are always round edges (mostly little circles), virtually impossible to cut your feet on!!
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steve16 writes:
When you shoot glass with a 7.62mm NATO, it WILL shatter, safety glass or not. Trust me, I tried it, the Army gives me guns like the Bull-Pup and the M240B to borrow whenever I want.
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gman writes:
I can understand the glass stuff cutting his feet but I don't understand why after he killed the first bad guy that ended up falling down the stairs, why he didn't bother to take his shoes. He took everything else the guy had, gun and walkie talkie but not the shoes.
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