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Jurassic Park - Can I Drop the Jeep Now?
At the scene where the doctor and Timmy are climbing down the tree, if you have the volume set higher than normal, you can hear someone say "drop it" right before the jeep drops.
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Contributed By: The Velveteen Rabbit on 04-08-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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gdsov writes:
Actually, he's right. I was getting frustrated because I couldn't hear it, though my wife heard the first time through. The Explorer has already dropped part way down the tree and is sitting on the big limb that saves the guy. The little kid looks up, then the camera cuts to the car for a second, then to the older guy. Just as he is looking up with mouth wide open, he begins to move his hand and you hear a monotone-sounding guy say, "drop it". The first several times I listened for it I dismissed it as a horn from the orchestral background music.
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Pony Boy writes:
Another interesting observation about this scene is the way the vehicle travels down the tree. If you notice it stays right on the trunk all the way down. This is odd as the base of the the branches are much stronger than that of the end of the branches as anything moving will always take the path of least resistance. The vehicle should be moving away from the trunk as it goes down.
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Banana Rama writes:
I can't hear this at all. I turned the volume all the way up at this point and replayed it a million times, but i don't thnk i heard it. i heard a slight mumbling right as the scary music began playing, but i can't make out the words. Someone help!
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Snoop Dog writes:
Gdsov is totally right. Yes, it's very clear actually! I don't believe how I kept missing it after all those times I've watched the movie. Sure enough, as Gdsov described, a monotone voice says almost robotically; "Drop it!" and straight after, the man shouts "Go, Timmy! Go go go!". Very accurately described, Gdsov. Well done! Follow his instructions to see it; he is totally correct. Hats off to you!
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Durty_South_Sweetie writes:
Yes, he is right, I listened to it three times, and the last two times I clearly heard a drop it. The first time I heard it, but it does sound like the scary music starting up again.
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porkyalex writes:
The car in the tree is not a jeep, It's a ford explorer. If you look at the name of the car when it is being smashed in to the mud by the t-rex the on it says exploer. There for it is not a jeep!
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greenfairie writes:
I heard what you guys are talking about - and in the exact place, but I think that (and correct me if I am still wrong) that Dr. Grant was making that noise. Right when you hear it, you kind of see him flinch a little (right where the noise is ) and then he yells "Go Timmy, go go go!" It really looks like he is doing it too. I put my ear right up to the speaker and I saw how it could sound like a monotone voice, but I think it was Dr. Grant grunting or something - I would probably grunt or squeal or something too if one of the branches suddenly snapped - listen to it and see what i mean - I just didn't hear those words clearly - but correct me if YOU did because that is a good slip - up!
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Matrix_Forensics_Laboratories writes:
This guy is clearly pulling our leg, ignore him, he will go away.
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