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Pirates of the Caribbean (The Curse of the Black Pearl) - "Bootstrap's Bootstraps"
According to two pirates' conversation, Will Turner's father, "Bootstrap Bill" sent a piece of the cured treasure treasure off to his son, saying the pirates "deserved to be cursed".
In retaliation, the mutinous Captain Barbossa "tied a cannon to Bootstrap's "bootstraps" and when last seen, was 'on his way to the crushing depths of Davy Jones' locker'".
Only there are two problems with this scenario.
"Bootstrap Bill", since he also took part in the looting of the cursed treasure, also shared in the curse.
When Captain Barbossa tied a cannon to his "bootstraps", Bill Turner probably remained ALIVE at the bottom of the ocean (we know from elsewhere in the film that the cursed pirates can walk under water) for ages and ages, until the curse was LIFTED by his son....
...and THEN "Bootstrap Bill" probably DROWNED.
I don't think the producers of this film wanted Will Turner to be the cause of his own father's death...
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Special Requirements: Familiarity with Overall Plot
Contributed By: Anonymous on 04-29-2006 and Reviewed By: Shadow, David Wolf
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Skye writes:
Well, if you know anything about the next film, Bootstrap Bill Turner is supposed to make an appearance. The whole " Bootstrap's bootstraps" bit from the first film is probably a clue as to the whereabouts of Bootstrap Bill Turner. He had 10 years to be able to untie the cannon from his bootstraps if he were cursed. I really don't think he's just let himself float around for 10 years.
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djr3london writes:
If you have not seen the sequal to a movie, you should not just assume things. It obviously explains in the second movie that Bootstrap Bill Turner was "trapped at the bottom of the ocean, with the pressure crushing down on him harder and harder." Since he was immortal, he couldn't drown and he couldn't get loose from the cannon. Before Will, his son, released the curse, Davy Jones came along and offered Bootstrap Bill a place on The Flying Dutchman to work for him for 100 years. He took his offer, thinking that the curse would never be lifted and he would be left there forever immortal.
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Aleisha writes:
Just go See Dead Man's Chest and this Whole thing is answerd...
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Tom C. writes:
Yeah well he was probably crushed at the bottom of the ocean as stated in the movie. There are several times the amount of pressure at the bottom of the ocean than at sea level, enough to crush his bones and fleshy parts.
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Tom C. writes:
After haveing seen the new movie, it turns out that Bootstraps is there. According to the movie he was cursed at the bottom of the ocean unable to move because of the crushing depths. He did join Davy Jones's crew and did meet his son in the second movie.
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Rissa writes:
Yipyip. The famous Bootstrap Slip. So many ways people have tried to explain this, so many times people have failed. Hmm... My personal attempt: When Barbossa threw Bill into the sea, the cannon was so much heavier than him that the weight of it broke the bootstraps when he hit the water. The cannon sank, Bill drifted/walked [depending on cursed/non-cursed status] to a nearby island, renamed himself Kelvin and spent a happy life hitting button, typing numbers and counting to a hundred and eight. ...Wait... I think I may have gotten confused there...
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pielike9 writes:
I think he couldnt get the curse, after all they needed his blood to get lift the curse so even thought he stole one he couldn't get it, like the gods made him immune to it, and yes he is in the next movie but as you can tell they sent him to "Davey Jones locker" but in the next movie it is about that Jack has a debt to pay to there are some scenes with Davey Jones so he might be there
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