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Back To The Future 2 - Temporal Back-Talk
I don't believe this has been addressed in an actual Slip-up, so forgive me if I'm wrong in that.
The Doc clearly explains after they return to Alternate-1985 (or go there for the first time, as things are) that if a person travels back in time, changes something, and returns to the period they left, they will have altered the world as they knew it.
This is quite evident in that when they return, Alternate-Biff is the corrupt ruler of their town--a major change in the scheme of things.
However, there's a slight problem with the events that lead up to this situation.
Old Biff steals the Time Machine, travels back to 1955, and gives his past-self the Sports Almanac. After, he takes the Time Machine and returns to his own time, so that he can replace the car before it's missed--which allows Marty and the Doc to go about the rest of their adventure.
The problem with this is that it's not plausible. If Old-Biff gave Past-Biff the Almanac, that would have instantly begun the series of events that created Alternate-1985. So, when Biff returns to the Future, it would've been Alternate-1985's future... Not the one he left.
What this means is that everything from that point on in the movie, and in the last movie, are based on a flawed concept of which the entire movie is based.
If you disagree... Feel free to dispute my argument, as I'm sure many will from what I've seen here.
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Contributed By: Daedeveriun on 01-14-2006 and Reviewed By: butterhoney12, Shadow
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xoandre writes:
There are two possibilities that could explain this problem: 1. The time-ripple/delay effect did not happen for BIFF or anyone else until well AFTER Marty and Doc had jumped to Alternate 1985. Think about the tim-ripple/delay in BTTF1 with Marty changing his parent's fate and how slowly time caught up with him there, thus allowing for the possibility of repairing the timeline. 2. Some time between 1985 and 2015, either time repaired itself OR Biff lost it all... 3. IF you watch the DELETED SCENES, you will find one where OLD BIFF actually VANISHES after he returns to 2015 and goes into that fit of pain... As if he had been ERASED from existence in that timeline! But of course, that opens up an even bigger bag of problems, so they deleted that moment.
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MIdAS writes:
OK, the timeline does not re-align until after everyone is back in their own time, otherwise the delorian would pop out of existance in 1955 when old Biff gives young Biff the almanac, because Doc is commited and never builds a time machine. Consequently, old Biff cannot use a time machine to give the almanac to young Biff, and THAT is a paradox and the world then ends. SO, the timeline must wait until everyone is back in their original times of origin to change properly.
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egg_dude writes:
I have seen the whole BTTF series and I never noticed that.
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mets568 writes:
i thought in the movie that biff won his first race when he was 21...young biff was still in hs in 1955 so things wouldnt have "changed" till 3-4 years later after he got the old biff would have been able to return to 2015 as he left it??
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