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Top Gun - Who Is Chasing Whom
During the practice aerial dogfight between Maverick, who is flying an F-14, and his instructor Jester, who is flying an A-4. In one scene, Maverick, in the F-14, is trying to get a simulated missle lock on Jester in the A-4 and is in a postion behind the A-4. In the next very short scene, the position of the two planes is reversed, with the A-4 behind the F-14.
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Cavalier98 writes:
I enjoyed your input to the error in Top Gun's mock dog-fight scene between the instructor and the student, however you mis-identified the aggressor (instructor's) aircraft. The aircraft in the movie, if you remember is a single seat aircraft. An A-6 is a two seater aircraft, with the Pilot and the Navigator/Bombardier sitting in a side-by-side configuration. The aircraft that was used in the movie as the aggressor aircraft is an A-4 Skyhawk.
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eddie writes:
I had always thought that Maverick was trying so hard to get Jester, that they forgot to keep an eye out for Viper, sho was being pursued by Ice. Viper came in behind Maverick while Maverick was lining up Jester.
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mcwood83 writes:
Actually Maverick is chasing VIPER and JESTER comes up behind Maverick after taking out Ice.
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MiG-15 writes:
In Top Gun, the "MiG-28's" are really F-5 Tiger II's. MiG only number's there planes with odd numbers, (i.e MiG 15, 17,19,21,23,25,27,29, and 31) NO MIG-28!! The instructors are not flying A-6 Intruders. Intruders are attack/bombers in which the pilot and bombadier/navigator sit side by side, and it is subsonic. The A-4 Skyhawk is what the instructors in the the movie fly. They are smaller, probably more menuverable, but are not faster. In that scene where you said "Maverick and the "A-6" switch places is because another "A-6" engages from behind.
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Maverick Trickle Hunt writes:
First of all I would like to thank the viewers that got it right. The instructors planes were in fact A-4's. The so-called MIG 28's were F-5 Tiger II's. Second of all if you don't know that much about modern jets, don't make submit a slip up. Ask someone who would know or research before you have time to think about it, remember----"If you think, your dead." (Tom Cruise,Top Gun)
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Timber writes:
Actually in the movie the instructor planes are A-4 Skyhawks. The "MiGs" are indeed just repainted F-5 Tiger II's.
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raptorman writes:
For the guy who thought it was Maverick chasing Jester: He was after Viper, he wanted the lead left Ice with Jester. Well, you all know Jester got Ice then came in behind Mav.
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ssbk writes:
Maverick wasn't flying with Iceman in that scene, he was flying with Hollywood. He left Hollywood to finish off Jester when he saw Viper off in the distance. A short time after he goes after Viper, Jester pulls up on his six and aquires a radar lock.
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check211 writes:
I believe that the planes used in Top Gun School, as well as teh Russian "MIGs", were F-5 Tiger IIs. This was the very same role that the plane was used for by the military (training and simulation). For more info, go to:
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