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Back To The Future 2 - Old Biff Moving Forward? In a Alternate Time Line
OK old biff finds the Almanac (book of sporting facts and finds out the Doc Built a time machine .he steels the time machine while it is parked up at the lyons Estate in the future, he goes back in time to 1955 and gives the book to himself in high school,then comes forward in time and places the delorean back in the same place he stole it from in the 1st place (while doc and marty are getting jennifer) then old biff evaporates because of the changes in the time line. OK problem now is when marty and doc go back to 1985 they find that everything has changed because of old biffs interfearence.marty says they should go forward in time and stop old biff from getting the almanac in the 1st place ,,Doc tells us that they cannot because the future they whould go to whould be the future where biff was rich and not the future to where they where origninaly supposed to live in... now if this is true how did old biff make it back to the future to re-deliver the DMC .. is this a mistake in docs ideas or is it a mistake in the film ???now if you argue that old biff returned before he used the book then simply all marty and doc whould need to do is go back to 1955 and then go forward about the same time old biff did,,dont say they couldnt have figured this out doc made a time machine for heks sake.
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 07-09-2005 and Reviewed By: Cruiser, Perky Pippin
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Jeff Smith writes:
Yes but if the future timeline changed when Old Biff gave the almanac to young Biff, then when Old Biff came back to 2015, it should have been a differnt timeline and things in 2015 should have changed around Marty and Doc.
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GlowInTheDark writes:
How do we know exactly what an alternet future would look like. Remember doc and marty (and us) are not from the future, therefore we cannot know what its alternate would look like. Biff showed up only seconds before they make there way back to the time machine with jennifer and then they shortly there after leave. When they returned to the alternate 1985 they did not immediatly notice anything wrong (Doc got back to his place and Marty broke into someone's house before they really realized something was wrong). I think its plausible to say that they where in an alternate 2015 from the time that Biff went back to 1955 to when they (doc marty and jen) went back to alternate 1985. It was only a few minutes, enough time to grab jen and leave. How would they know what in the future would have changed around them, these thing would probably appear normal to them. My point is if they were in an alternate 2015, I don't think they or we would have noticed.
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Aaron writes:
When old biff comes back threw to the future; after giving young biff the almanac, it doesnt take Martin and Doc Brown long to get Jennifer into the Time machine. Martin is running toward Doc Brown whenever the time machine is landing, and in the deleted scenes it doesn't show old Biff disapearing until they went back to 1985.
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