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Fifth Element, The - Disappearing Alien
At the beginning, when the aliens arrive, you know one of them gets caught in the chamber. Well, when Korben and the group enter the chamber, you don´t see the alien´s body anywhere. The alien had a metallic body, so the remains should have been there.
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 09-07-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Werail writes:
Allthough you are right that it isn't there, the priest gives the priest apprentice the key and tells him to prepare for their return. He has probably arranged for some sort of burial or return to the home world for the creature. and we don't know that it actually died do we? We don't know how long they can survive in the suit.
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Springer writes:
Yeah, my mind is split between if this is a good point or not. I mean, if the priests have had the key since the aliens last visited Earth, I think it's safe to assume that they would have visited the chamber sometime between then and the time the movie takes place and cleared out the body.
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Dominic writes:
Is it impossible that the priest used the key to to get the alien's body (if it even died) out sometime between the start of the flick and next few hundred years?
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redruM writes:
Since they are aliens how do yo uknow they are made out of metal? Maybe that's their skin. How do yo uknow it doesn;t biodegrade after a while? Especially in earth's atmosphere which could be very different from their own?
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Clavis writes:
I got a more basic question: the alien's arm is crushed in the door, right? Everyone winces. Does that injury instantly kill the alien? Can the priest open the door and pull him out? Does the alien just sit there, bleeding (or whatever Mondochiwa do when they're injured) to death? Is war coming so quickly, and the Mondochiwa so ill-prepared, that they don't have time to go back for their fallen comrade? All this confuses me no end, but I love the movie.
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novikov writes:
The way I see it is the only thing that may have been left in the chamber after 300 years would be the environment suit that they wear. When his hand is crushed it would rupture the suit and probably kill him fairly rapidly.
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fallenangel024 writes:
One of the priests that were taught about the stones and the fifth element probably opened the door and cleaned it up. think about it. The priests had 300 years to do that.
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twztd writes:
Isn't Leeloo(sp?) one of those alien from the beginning? When they regenerate her after the ship is blown up all they have to work with is a hand. That hand looks an awful lot like one of the hands from the big armored guys in the beginning sequence. Plus, that race of aliens (the big armored guys) seem like a pretty spiritual species. Maybe when some of them die, they disappear like Obi Wan or Yoda? Just a thought.
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