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Lost World, The (Jurassic Park) - Magic Shrinking Raptors
Remember how big the raptors are in the first one? They are MUCH bigger than real raptors were. In Lost World, however, they are the size they should be.
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 04-04-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Larske writes:
A normal velociraptor is about 4 feet tall. A Deinonychus looks just the same and is about 6 to 7 feet tall. These were the ones used although they were called velociraptors. If you watch the video called 'The Real Jurassic Park' Jack Horner (a well-known paleaonthologist) says that Steven Spielberg wanted bigger raptors so he used deinonychi. A Utahraptor is about 10 feet tall, which is much bigger than the ones in jurassic park or the lost world. One of these could really stand up against a T-Rex.
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Immortality writes:
I agree with Larske. I can vaguely recall the entire 'Real Jurassic Park' but I do recall that part. I remember him saying something about Spielberg using other dinos or making the raptor larger than 'normal'. Of course the raptors had to be made at least as large as humans because if they were, say, half the size of humans the audience would probably think something like 'Hey Grant, just kick him in the ding-ding!!'
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Blue Raptor writes:
If any of you had read the book "Raptor Red", the introduction to the book clearly states that the "Velociraptors" were actually Utahraptors. Stephen S. didn't think anyone would know what these were, so he called them velociraptors. They could have been modeled after Deinonychus in the second movie. I have n clue as to what the raptors in the third movie were supposed to be.
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ZGuy writes:
Also, scientists found raptors in Utah (now called Utah-raptors) that were the size of the raptors in the original, but after they made the movie. So I guess that they were right, even if they didn't know it.
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Trivimaster writes:
The raptors in the first movie where too big indeed, but don't forget they where genetically manipulated so they could be so big because of that.
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Drew writes:
If you had read the book 'Lost World' you would know that hardly any of the animals were adult size. Most of the animals, includind the raptors, were juveniles. There were only a few adults and they were not full grown. This also explains why the Rex's look a tad bit smaller.
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Chaos writes:
All this true, but you must also note that the original Jurassic Park's raptors consisted of a female raptor being referred to as "The Big One." According to her nickname, this raptor was no normal sized raptor. Spectators of the film have no way of knowing the difference between "the big one" and the "normal" sized raptors due to the fact that no one is absolutely sure what one looks like. All scientific aspects of any dinosaurs of this period are purely theoretic due to the fact that all judgments are made from DNA from fossilized bones.
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Diablo writes:
Easy, they were different speices... ha!
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benigs writes:
I read somewhere that paleontologists believe certain male dinosaur species are smaller than their female counterparts. Also males are believed to be brightly colored. And as you can see, the velociraptors in the Lost World has tiger stripes which means they are males.
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Da man writes:
There's really no way of telling what color dinosaurs' skin (male or female) really looked like...for all we know, they could look like Dino or Big Bird.
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Crypto3012 writes:
The 'average' Raptor was 6 fet tall. but, like humans, some could be much taller and some could be much smaller!!!!
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