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Back To The Future 3 - Clayton Ravine
In 1885, after rescuing Clara from falling into the ravine and saving her life, Doc and Marty realise that she was meant to have fallen into the ravine hence it being called 'Clayton Ravine' in the future. However, when they discover the Doc's tombstone in 1955 it is engraved "Erected in eternal memory by his beloved Clara". Since she only ended up not falling into the ravine and being alive AFTER Marty went back to 1885 wouldn't it be also true that the Doc wouldn't have known her before Marty went back hence her name would not have appeared on his tombstone?
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Contributed By: brownskin81 on 04-24-2005 and Reviewed By: Pete, Perky Pippin
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Shadow writes:
no, if marty never went back in time, doc would have picked Clara up at the train station, if you never notice a guy comes in Doc's blacksmith shop and tells him to pick her up, that is how they would have fallen in love, if you ask then how clayton ravine becomes clayton ravine it doesn't, because doc went back in time
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rebek frog writes:
If Marty never went back in time, then Doc would have picked up Clara from the train station. They would have fallen in love and gone together to the dance, where "Mad Dog" Tannen would have shot him in the back. Clara (being a devoted woman) would have tried to nurse him back to health but failed. Doc would have died and greifstricken Clara would have thrown herself into the ravine. The townsfolk would have named the ravine "Clayton Ravine" in her memory.
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ReVeLaTeD writes:
I asked this same question some time ago and then figured it out when I watched the DVD. If you watch closely when Marty goes back to 1885, and Marty/Doc go out to the train station to look at the train map, you can see Clara in the background with her back to them. This is the time Doc is supposed to be picking her up and taking her back, but because he was with Marty instead, he never met her - thus, she would have gone over anyway, and nobody knows for a fact that the ravine is still called "Clayton" Ravine. Marty assumes it's still called that, but that's based on his memory, and not the actual facts.
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larrecun writes:
Yes, Doc would have picked up Clara from the station and fallen in love with her. But, the ravine was named Clayton before they went back in time. Does that mean no one was appointed to pick her up if the doc wasn't there? I mean, if they had never traveled back in time, wouldn't someone had picked her up from the station anyway?
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Jeff Smith writes:
When Marty comes back to 1985 the ravine is called Eastwood ravine but how would anyone have known it was clint eastwood(Marty) in 1885 that went over the cliff with the train. When Doc and marty took the train they were wearing masks. Also no body would have been found, and the only people that knew where Doc and clara, who knew he was Marty and not clint Eastwood.
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LBFilms writes:
yes, he MAY have met her. The thing is, he was supposed to have met her at the train station (regardless of whether Marty was there or not; we can only assume the mayor? would have asked Doc either way, after all, what does Marty have to do with it?) BUT...Clara arrives in town earlier than was expected. Doc and Marty are out overlooking the dead end of the railroad tracks and then as they leave Clara's carriage is on the run. The chase it down and pull her out of it before it goes over the ravine. SO...Clara would have died anyway, because she left the train station before Doc would have gotten there (presumably.) Either way, I don't think the town would have called it Clayton Ravine because her horse and carriage went over the edge. She was not from the town, and was not a prominent citizen there at all. In fact, they probably never even would have found her body at the bottom of the ravine to have known that was where she ended up. Then again, maybe I am just speculating.
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worf08 writes:
If you look right after Marty come across the ravine in 1985 there is a sign that said "Eastwood Ravine"
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