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I, Robot - Mackinac Bridge... In Chicago?
This is a pretty major blooper.
At various points in the film, we see the unmistakable structure of the Mackinac Bridge.
But, somehow, it's in Chicago?!
In the film, it was hinted that Lake Michigan was drained and used as some kind of storage area for robot parts, but there is no indication of how or why the bridge suddenly ended up in Chicago.
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Contributed By: devolution on 04-15-2005 and Reviewed By: Shadow, Pete
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N°6 writes:
This is not the Mackinac Bridge, it does vaguely look like it but you can actually see the difference if you carefully compare the shots from the film and the actual bridge. Besides, there are several shots in the film situated at the landfill and the bridge that clearly show the Chicago skyline (including the USR tower) in the background. What is a *major* blooper in the film is the condition of the lake itself. Seeing the bridge and the plaque reading "What you see here LAKE MICHIGAN", we get the impression that the lake has dried up, which is actually confirmed by one of the writers, Akiva Goldsman, in the DVD audio commentary, where he basically says that he knows the idea is far-fetched but he thought it was cool (and by the by he also refers to the bridge as a ruin, just to answer one of the other comments). YET, at several points in the movie (the shots of downtown Chicago) we clearly see the lake in the background (definitely not the river). I first hypothesized that maybe just part of the lake had evaporated, but Goldsman just confirms they just overlooked the whole thing.
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Frank Clark writes:
Hi, as an actual resident of the beautiful state of Michigan, I can personally tell you that this is not the Mackinac Bridge. It does not look anything like the Mackinac Bridge, is nowhere near the straights of Mackinac (at the tee-tip of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan - 420 miles away). Furthermore, the Mackinac Bridge is the official dividing line of Lakes Michigan and Huron, though in the movie no mention is made of Lake Huron. Furthermore, the monument marker in the film clearly shows the bridge connecting an island to mainland Chicago, with an outline designating the area where Lake Michigan used to reside.
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mackinactalbot writes:
I bought the DVD last night, (It finally went under 10 Euros.) and while I was watching the part of the Lake Michigan bridge, I kept thinking, "Why is Mackinaw bridge in Chicago? OR Does Will Smith have a super-hydraulic motorcycle that allows him to travel the nearly 400 miles, up to northern Michigan, from Chicago, in 5 minutes???" I also could not help wondering how a suspension bridge, could stand with only one tower, with nothing left for the cables to hold onto. Suspension of disbelief, I guess.
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brotherweb writes:
The bridge is not in ruin. The bridges are actually under construction or the progress has stopped because lack of funding to complete. You will note in one seen that there are about three towers half built. Anyone who has traveled from Michigan to Wisconsin doesn't like to travel on the Dan Ryan or the Kennedy expressways. The author implied an attempt to build a bypass over Lake Michigan but insite of the shoreline.
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ZVar writes:
Actually that's not even the Mackinac bridge. Go watch the DVD again, and when Wil finds the bridge clue there is a very good shot of the bridge. Compare it to the Mackinac pictures at and it's very opviously diffrent.
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caveman237111 writes:
Check your geography again! Lake Michigan is located east of Chicago.
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Tom C. writes:
Caveman, while Lake Michigan is east of Chicago, the Bridge itself connects the lower and upper peninsulas of Michigan very much to the northwest of Chicago.
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Flute-playing Band Geek writes:
In the movie, the Mackinac Bridge is not in Chicago; it's in Lake Michigan, where it is actually located in real life. (I looked it up). The lake supposedly dried up, but the Mackinac Bridge was always seen in it.
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