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Digimon - Rapid Digivolves
This happens in the episode where Tai finds his crest and Etemon shows up for the first time. Shortly before Etemon attacks the kids, Agumon turns into Greymon and get rid of a couple bunny-like digimon. (I don't know how to spell their name but that's not important.)
Anyway, etemon shows up and starts destroying the Koromon village. Shortly after one of the other digimon digivolves, we see a shot of the kids. Right in front of them, agumon is standing. However, a copule of shots later, when etemon attacks the digimon, it shows a shot of greymon getting turned back into agumon.
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Contributed By: Knucklehead on 04-02-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Pinkachu writes:
hey!!! How come you don't recongnize Gazimon!!! I mean, Gazimon was one of the mostly common digimons besides the digidestined ones!!!
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T-zone writes:
Those bunny-like Digimon are Gazimon. O.o
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shadowspawn writes:
The only reason that they were more common than any other Digimon is that they were the lackeys of Etemon and they did most of the work for him.
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Redpepper_324 writes:
It was a Koromon village. Maybe one of the Koromon had digivolved.
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