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I, Robot - Is Dr. Calvin a Liar, or Just Forgetful?
At first, I thought nothing of it, but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. This happens in the part when Dr. Calvin says she had a man inside and she says she put Sunny's personality in a empty shell. She says that, but when Sunny goes against the other robots, he should be just like them right? because he used to have thicker alloy, but now he's in an empty shell! And it proves me right again when he goes through V.I.K.I.'s security field, wouldn't U.S.R. make their security fields strong enough to repel their own basic robot? And why couldn't V.I.K.I repel Sunny with her manual control thing?!? It is a huge slip up!!!!!!
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 03-20-2005 and Reviewed By: cdmro
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Tom C. writes:
No your wrong. What the Doctor did was fire an empty shell. You'll notice that she looks at the robots hanging by the wall. She switches Sonny with one of those so that Sonny is hanging up and a different "basic" robot is being "killed."
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Red Dog writes:
Actual quote from the movie: (I just re-played this scene several times to type out these lines.) Calvin: I made a switch. It was a none processed NS-5. Basicly I fried an empty shell. I couldn't distroy him. He was too... Sunny: Unique. Calvin: It just didn't feel right. If you are going to post a Slip-Up at least go back and review the movie rather then relying on memory. This Slip-Up is a Slip-Up of your memory NOT of the movie itself.
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kokomm writes:
In that scene when see Dr. Calvin inject the nanites, the robots eyes fly open and you can see the robots eyes are brown. Sonny's eyes are blue therefore proving that the robot that was being injected was not Sonny.
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Flute-playing Band Geek writes:
I agree; Dr. Calvin switched Sunny with one of the robots hanging by the wall.
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jgantz07 writes:
If you watch the movie a little closer and listen to her exact words you would hear her say that she killed an empty shell not put sonny into the empty shell. Go back and LISTEN!
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MorPH writes:
Yeah, I noticed this too. I watched the movie again a few days ago, and I thought I heard her say, 'I fired an empty shell'. You gotta admit though, guys, it does sound like she says something else.
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