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Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope - Sound in Space
I know that all those sound effects in space sounded really cool... but the fact is that sound cannot be heard in space! The only reason sound exists is because the vibrations in the air create it. Space has no air at all, so nothing would be heard! But who wants a space movie without the cool laser sounds and flybys?
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 03-30-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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//\\O//\\Spider writes:
person 1: Im going in! long pause person 1: Im hit! short pause person 2: are you ok? BORING!!! without sound it lacks basic excitment
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Mars Guo writes:
Yes, how far you go in defying the laws of physics depends on the type of movie. For an action film like Star Wars make it loud and Flashy. For a psychological thriller like 2001, shut out all the sound. It's cool. Speaking of 2001 and star wars, go read my "Human Error" slipup in the Episode 1 listing.
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starwars1456 writes:
Do you want to be scientifically correct or be entertained? Maybe it's just me, but I like to hear what's going on.
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Psyche writes:
Yeah, George Lucas has admitted that he took some artistic liscense in the realm of sound. But personally, aside from it being more exciting, i think that all the space movies that have spaceships screaming by just make the other movies with no sound, like 2001, all the more creepy.
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Dylan Rush writes:
See the Star Trek:First Contact sound in space blooper for a debate on this issue
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Eboreg Onxre writes:
Actually, to be picky, air just transmits sound -- it doesn't usually create it...
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Mindbender writes:
I don't remember where I read it, but I remember reading in one of those plethora of StarWars literatures that the sound from the blasters and flybys was not actually the sound that was created, but that the sound was replicated within the ships so that the pilots would have a more intuative feel for their surroundings, which would also explain why they all sound the same. I'm not sure where GreenAppleNasties got the idea that lightsabres are "unstoppable forces". Per Lucas's cannonization at the end of Dark Empire (installment 2 I believe) Lightsabres are arcs of energy focused by the crystals and lenses and whatnot that make up a lightsabre. While this is a major StarWars fan debate, the lightsabres are simply an energy weapon, not an "unstoppable force". Energy must obey the laws of physics too (most of the time :) ). In reference to the LASERs in outer space comment. LASERs are simply amplified light. They most certainly CAN exist in space, in fact are one of the more accurate tools used by NASA and other agencies to measure nearby celestial bodies distances and such from earth. The moon's exact distance from the earth was measured from earth by bouncing a LASER off of it at one point. I MIGHT buy that you wouldn't be able to SEE the LASERs in space due to no REFRACTION of the light because there isn't much floating around in outerspace to refract light...but then again, these are really LASERs per se...these are "blasters", who says they're just LASERs like we have here on Earth? This does take place in a galaxy far far away you know :)
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Pyro writes:
This "slip-up" is intentional.
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jslicer writes:
It's also "a long time ago" in "a galaxy far, far away". The amount of "air" or other medium in that region of space could have allowed sound to travel through it.
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aaronpark writes:
well actually wouldn't there be air from the Alderan or from inside the DeathStar escaping outward when it explodes. this would create sound
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asylrecht writes:
If you read what the slipup says it reads that the "vibrations in the air create it" not "the air creats it."
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I have no name writes:
Star Wars would've sucked if there wasn't any sound during the space battles! Mute the sound during on of the battles and see how much it takes out of the experience.
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GreenAppleNasties writes:
Well, if you also want to get technical, there are a lot of things that would break many scientific laws. Such as the idea that if a light saber is an unstoppable force, when they collide it would be cataclscmic. And you also would not be able to laser beams in outer space, because there is nothing for the light to bounce off of. You've just got to realize IT IS A MOVIE.
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