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Snatch - Bricktop Must Have Grown Up in America
In the scene where Bricktop comes to the pawnshop and confronts Sol, Vince, and Lincoln about the robbery, he describes how to dispose of a body by feeding it to pigs. However, he refers to the amount pigs can eat in pounds. Since he's a British guy, talking to three other British guys, shouldn't he have used kilograms? (Even though it gives the American viewers a much easier image). NOTE****UK are still using imperial measurements, not metric as of 11 Feb '07. Cheers
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Contributed By: Mandy on 01-08-2005 and Reviewed By: Larman
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Rob writes:
Kilograms have only been used for the last few years in the U.K. We generally still ask for a pound of potatoes etc. A man of his age would use pounds rather than the metric version.
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vag writes:
In England, we measure our body weight in stones, there are 14 pounds to a stone, so actually what Bricktop says in that scene is perfectly correct.
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Qwigs writes:
In England, their cars get forty rods to the hog's head, so this is not a slip-up.
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Gary Lynch writes:
British people still imperial measurements in normal conversation, and don't really understand the metric as well as most Europeans. There has been a lot of controversy about this, with shopkeepers refusing to go metric, and getting into trouble with the law. I'm Irish, and we're about to change our speed limits into Kilometres per hour, so now the British are the only Europeans who still deal in miles per hour.
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moviechik80 writes:
According to Encyclopedia Britiannica, the measure of weights used by the British Imperial System is the same as the United States.
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Aaron J Waters writes:
Ok, he is correct, because in England we use Imperial, the metric system has only been used in the UK for four years give or take except physics, because that is international and a lot of research is done by the continental europeans. Now back to my point. In cooking we use the imperial system, of pounds and ounzes to measure the food/ingrediants. We use the mile not the kilometre the same as the Americans, we weigh ourselve in stone, pounds and ounces, the same as the Americans. So there are simalarities but it was possibly done to make it more recognisable for the American and English movie market. Brick Top is cockney, he is old fashioned, he would use imperial. SO, if he uses the pound it doesn't make him American. Dumb Ass go back to school!!!
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