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Pepsi Commercial - Radio Station
In that pepsi commercial with "the joy of cola" playing on the radio, the radio station was
105.4 f.m. On the f.m. dial, there are no even numbered radio station as the decimal. It would have to be 105.3 or 105.5
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Special Requirements: the pepsi commercial with the little girl as the dj of the radio station and "the joy of cola" song
Contributed By: munkeey on 09-07-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Albert writes:
I would hardly call that a "slip-up" anymore than the repeated use of phone numbers beginning with "555-" in movies and on TV (despite the fact no such phone numbers exist).
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crawford writes:
They did this to avoid "advertising" for another radio station and probably to make sure they didn't seem to be associated with a particular radio station. If they used an odd number more then likely some radio station(s) somewhere in the US has that frequency and it might be perceived that Pepsi and that radio station might be associated.
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RobNich writes:
Under the North American Numbering Plan, which includes US, Canada, and island countries, the 555 "NXX" is reserved. It's not so that it can be used in movies, it's reserved for the phone company. 555-1212 is the standard number for information, and predates "411" (which has exactly the same purpose, both should work). In some areas, you can call for service on a 555- number, and it's also used for testing by technicians.
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Morgan writes:
There are probably royalties that would need to be paid if they used someone's call letters. It's just a simple way of avoiding it.
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warren writes:
They put fake phone numbers so people don't ring them up and ask for the characters or places shown in the films.
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Doddy writes:
There are also numbers that begin with 555 in the Birmingham area. I should know, mine begins with that. I would think that most cities or towns in this country have 555 numbers if you don't count their sort codes.
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mee-moo of lms writes:
Glitch: no kidding! There are also a few more 555 numbers, and I know one of them is for something in New Hampshire. I believe it's an information number but i'm not sure.
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bonked writes:
In North America FM stations by FCC rules all end in an odd decimal. Overseas countries can and do use even decimals.
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Leece writes:
my stereo has even numbers on it, and it even has a second decimal place! it goes from the station 87.10 to 107.95. i think it's wasting my time pressing the tuning buttons cuz i gotta go through all those even #s and the .05's too
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moviechic writes:
Actually, the internation information phone number for the US is 555-1212.
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patricia__99 writes:
the info number for Canada is also 555-1212!
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Just writes:
Well, acctually there are phone numbers that begin with 555- (only for locals as that's with out the dialing code) in the Ilford area, east London, U.K. Na, na, neh, na, na. Signed Smart Ass
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Tony writes:
in nyc there is a phone number 555-1212 which is for the phone company so there are numbers that begin with 555. my radio doesnt have any even numbers on in and it doesnt go past the tenth decimal place so i dont know what youre talking about.
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glitch writes:
I used to live in London and I recall they had 95.8 "Capital FM" Are the rules different in England or what?
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warren writes:
In November 99 in Australia there was an ad for Impulse deodorant. The guy was complaining that his girl never rings and then shows a large card with a number. I didn't get the number to ring but suspect it was the manufacturer or the advertisers. I'll try to find out.
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