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Day After Tomorrow - There Should Have Been No Tidal Wave
There should have been no tidal wave or storm surge. There was no indication of a hurricane in the Atlantic South of New York. There was no indication of a large scale earthquake that could have caused a tidal wave. There was that huge storm in Canada, though. All major storms north of the equator rotate counter-clockwise. Therefore, since the eye was North of New York, the tremendous wind would have been blowing offshore. Given a storm with a 50 mile wide eye, the average wind speed would probably be well over 150 mph throughout much of the storm's influence and at the eye over 200mph. There was never an indication of wind this fast though there should have. People would not be able to walk; they would be airborne missiles. Dennis Quaid would never have been able to walk to NY. The water on shore would actually have been blown offshore. Two years ago, a two day storm with 50mph winds moved East across Lake Erie. The wind pushed the water toward Buffalo and in Detroit (where I live), the Detroit River dropped several feet and most tributary rivers were drained completely of water. The director really should have hired someone from the Weather Channel. It was great entertainment though!
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Contributed By: Shawn K Haase on 12-01-2004 and Reviewed By: Larman
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Kristy writes:
I remember that! I live about 20 minutes from Buffalo. I remember when that happened; it was weird. Anyway, they DID say the current changed it's that could have some slight doing of why the water did that. I agree, they should have hired someone who knew more about weather. Tornadoes are caused by a cold front and a warm front coming together and hitting each other, and when all those tornadoes were in California, there was no warm front...they didn't even say if there was a cold front!
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beaverlady writes:
Just because they don't say things in movies doesn't mean it's not true or not there. If they went through every single detail, the movie would at least twice as long.
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elbereth writes:
Let's remember that there were water current changes, and (correct me if I'm wrong) ice melting in the north...
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movieman writes:
Oh come on!! It's a movie about an ice age that happens in a matter of days!! I don't care how cold it gets, the entire world is not going to freeze in that short of a time. Then after it is over it is starting to warm up? How can Mexico be warm and toasty? I currently live in Honduras and It gets pretty cold here in the winter, and we are closer to the equator than Mexico. But I must admit. I liked the movie even though it was flawed.
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