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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - Human or Dementor?
In the train scene when Lupin casts the spell on the Dementor, immediately pause. Then fast forward as slowly as possible. One of the last frames of the Dementor on-screen, you can see clearly there is a person inside it.
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 11-25-2004 and Reviewed By: Larman
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esainsbury writes:
It is impossible for you to have seen a person, as the Dementors are not actors in costumes. They are completely computer generated (they are based on what a puppet looks like when you use it underwater!).
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sacred master writes:
If you have the DVD and watch one of the special features(i forgot which one it is)it says that the inner part of a Dementor is a virtual skeleton.
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Morna writes:
About the "looking in different places"...actors often play a scene to "thin air", but there is always some kind of indication for where they are suppossed to look. Remember the scene between Gollum and Frodo in the Dead Marshes where they have a little midnight chat? Elijah Wood played that entire scene to a ping-pong ball on a stick, which showed him where Gollum's eyes would be.
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tilly18 writes:
I think this may actually be a slip up, I mean think about it, sure the dementors are computer generated but they must have something there when filming before the dementor is put in the film cause other wise the actors are all going to be looking in different places in which they think the dementor might be and if I just confused you there then think about how dobby was done before he was computer generated, they had a person dangling an orange ball in the place dobbie was suppose to be. I mean I know actors are suppose to be good and all but imagine trying to act with thin air, I think they needed a person or something to act as a dementor until the computer effects were put in just so the actors would have something to work with instead of pretending to be scared of thin air!
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hsbug writes:
Dementors have a body. They are something like a Ring Wraith of The Lord Of The Rings. They have bodies, and they actually have a soul. The thing about them is that the Dementors feed off of human fear and that is why they suck out all the happiness in the atmosphere. Being able to see a body is not a slip-up, just an unexplained notion on the Dementors part.
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kookie writes:
What are you talking about? If you can see that a human is underneath the cloak then it is a definate slip-up! I mean did you see its hand when it put it on the door? If you ask me that may have had the shape of a human hand but it definatly dosen't look like one! But if you can tell that it is a human underneath then they didn't do a good job during make-up or they might not have seen it!
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Morna writes:
Ringwraiths only sorta have bodies...without the black cloaks they're invisible. I don't remember if they are corporeal or not, but I think it's kind of like being "phased"...Frodo could see them better when he was in Wraith World.
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