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Pokemon - Charmander the Invincible?
In an early episode of Pokemon, a person comments that if a charmander's tail flame goes out, it dies. In "Island of the Giant Pokemon" however, Charmander is thrown into the air (along with several other people and Pokemon) and lands in the ocean. I'm glad he survived, but technically, this would have killed him.
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Special Requirements: The Pokemon video: Island of the Giant Pokemon
Contributed By: Nomi Sunrider on 09-02-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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T-zone writes:
Hey, PJPoon, congratulations on figuring out that Alt 130 stuff. That kind of thing confuses a lot of people. That makes four people around here who know how to get the é. Eggmaster, you've gotta be pretty dang ignorant to ignore the fact that Pokémon CAN die. I mean, Pokémon Tower was built in memory of Pokémon that had DIED! DUH!!!!! So next time, Eggmaster, check your good old GB Pokémon game before posting any more comments, all right all right? The only thing you are is the Master of Disaster. I mean, every time you say something, we all get into a big fight and then Mars comes in and puts an end to it, the topic gets shut down, and nobody says anything else. What I have just said will do one of two things. 1. Everybody will shut up or 2. We will get into a big fight, Mars will stop it, and THEN everybody will shut up. That was a ton of typing. Goodbye all! =)
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Mars Guo writes:
"Pokemon can't die. Huh-huh." HEY MAW! GET THE HOSE! They're living creatures, of course they can die! That's like the most arrogant thing I've ever heard! They don't die in the game because it would freaking UPSET the kids, man! It'd have been banned by now just like Badger baiting! I don't know why Charmander didn't croak at that point but remember that a Charmander's tail flame is fueled from the inside. Mythology says that dragons have hearts of liquid fire, I believe this is similar to that. On top of this they weren't underwater that long, but you're right, Charmander would have been eleminated faster than James in a beauty contest (sorry to remind you all of that O_O)
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Ponyta227 writes:
I think Fire-Type Pokémon can withstand water for a while, because otherwise battles would be completely unfair.
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Trivimaster writes:
Yes, Pokemon can't die in the game, that is if you exclude all of the people in Lavender town who talk about Team Rocket killing Marowak, the people wining about they're deceased Pokemon in Pokemon Tower and the fact that Pokemon Tower was built in honor of Pokemon that had DIED! (In case you haven't noticed I'm being sarcastic) So it IS possible for Pokemon to die in the series, although you never see it!
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ike83301 writes:
yes but wasnt charmander in his Pokeball at the time since pikachu had to tap the pokeballs to get Bulbasaur Charmander and Squirtle out???
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NateChu writes:
the person who said Charmander would die if his flame went out was Brock. Plus, Charmander, Pikachu and most of Ash's other Pokemon were stranded on the island, they jumped into the minecart which shortly after splashed into the water, it would be pretty dang hard to get into their pokeballs. Plus, at the beginning of the episode, the pokemon got out of their pokeballs with Ash nowhere in sight, they never carried their pokeballs or anything, how did Ash get them back???
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PokéMaster 2000 writes:
That is why Ash is so sad and speaking in a low voice when one of his Pokémon is badly hurt and needs to be taken to a Pokémon Centre.
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the webmaster writes:
The Discussion board is better suited for this type of conversation. Please talk there. To get to the Discussion board, just lick on the "Discussion" link near the top right corner of this page.
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Merlinros writes:
ya i agree with ike83301 i think they were in their pokeballs so they wouldn't get hurt just shaken up.
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Mars Guo writes:
Shut up. =)
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Chapin writes:
I cant recall the episode but this is also just a legend according to all the pokemon stuff. So he may not really die.
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PJPoon writes:
The flame on Charmander's tail probabaly can withstand water for a short period of time. Ash probably put him back in his Pokéball before his flame could go out.
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MewMaster9000 writes:
EggMaster is right. He is the one who has a brain about pokemon without guessing.
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EggMaster writes:
Actully, Charmander can't die. If you have the Pokémon game, they can't die. In the movie, and all of the TV shows they've never died. They just faint.
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