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Jimmy Neutron - Slip-Ups Galore
Let me just start off by saying that there are probably more slip-ups in this show than there are in the entire category. That being said, I'll begin.
1. Episode- Where they go back to the prehistoric years
a. In the beginning, when Jimmy wanted to repeat something, he had to aim his thingy at it, rewind it, and then fast- forward it. But at the end,his mom just rewinds the dad and he automatically repeats himself.
b. How could the t-rex's head smash the diamond if it couldn't even dent the tree?
2. The return of the nanobots
a. Why weren't Carl, Sheen and the dad deleted? I know the kids got deleted later, but why weren't they in the first place?
b.When Jimmy looks at his sensor, he says that everyone in the world has been deleted. But less than a minute later, the nanobots are just finishing off the French- their second target.
3. Hall Monster
a. When Jimmy starts showing off his new equipment in his lab to the dog-thing, it goes to a sillhouette of him putting on his helmet. Somehow, he seems to just force it onto his head, without lifting it over it or anything.
4.the one with the plot cheaply stolen from "Jaws"
a. Captain betty was swallowed by the cheap imitation of a sea monster. But when Carl shoots it down to size with a strangely convenient pill, something should have gone wrong because (as I hope you already know), there's no way a grown man would have fit in a tiny turtle's stomach.
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 11-07-2004 and Reviewed By: Ramolas
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teejayc writes:
1- When he rewound the machine, he had to fast forward, because he was watching Cindy and Libby in that mode. His mother just rewound it and then pressed play, as if nothing had happened, making it seem as if Hugh hadn't said it at all, so she rewound it over and over. 2- In Return of the Nanobots, I dont know why Sheen and Carl weren't deleted before then, but it wouldn't have been as interesting if they were. His dad had been in a locked room in his house, the nanobots could have busted through the door, but they didn't. By the time Hugh was in the street with the pie, the nanobots were somewhere else. 3- Captain Betty explained what happened about how he got out of Snappy the Turtle.
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Juash writes:
2b.Jimmy said that everyone in RETROVILLE had been deleted.
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