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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - Magic Petrol
Nearly half way through the movie, Indy and Elsa discover the secret tomb of Sir Richard. Indy tells us that they are wading through petrolium, and sure enough, a member of the 'brotherhood of the crucified sword' sets it alight. Before this happens, however, as Indy approaches the coffin, bits of burning rag from his torch can clearly be seen dropping into the 'petrol'. If it were petrol, the two would have been incinerated immediately, spelling the end of Dr. Jones, and indeed the movie.
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Special Requirements: The film
Contributed By: Daniel, defender of truth on 03-19-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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heywood jablowme writes:
If anyone has any chemistry knowledge, you would know that petroleum is one of the most combustable liquids around. The fumes coming off that, in an enclosed environment would be so strong that they would find it very hard to breath, and their eyes would sting. Indianas torch would have ingited the petroleum the second he struck a match, so i wouldn't worry about the dripping parts coming off of it. If you also observe, when he tips the tomb over to protect himself and the lady from the fire, he dives down and opens his eyes in the petrol. Well lets just say he wouldn't be seeing anything ever after that!
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faizelv writes:
This is a brilliant observation Daniel (defender of truth). I will email you soon to give you details of my Science Fiction Ferengi's Club. BRILLIANT!
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Mindbender writes:
Gremlin, if the little bits of fire (which you can see extinguish themselves AFTER they hit the water) wouldn't set it ablaze, why would a single match from the Brotherhood set it into an immense conflagration? Personally, I wondered why all those rats would bother living down there if it was full of petroleum. :) The 'wade through nasty animals' made more sense in the first two movies why the nasties were there.
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Dr D writes:
I noticed this too, but it's burning oil, or tar, or whatever was on the torch, dripping. These drops of flaming liquid would burn out very quickly, well before they hit the water below.
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b0x writes:
Uhhh If you watch, the fire droplits hit the water... This really being the only thing to have ever bothered me about this movie.
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Gremlin writes:
Do yo have any Idea how hard it is to light petroleum in liquid form, a little ash like that could not have possibly done it, and it burned up before it hit it.
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