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Star Trek Voyager - Promethus Magic Life Supports
In the episode "Message in a Bottle", when the EMH and EMH-2 take over the U.S.S Prometheus, EMH-2 says "Taking power from life supports-we don't need that."
But later, two Starfleet people beam aboard, with no life supports on,and survive.
Also, the Promethus will not let the EMH view info on the Multi-Vector Assault Mode at his clearing, but will let him actually use it, even though he doesn't have clearence to even find out about it.
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Special Requirements: The episode "Message In A Bottle"
Contributed By: Dylan Rush on 03-17-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Dylan Rush writes:
Also, the other Federation and Romulan ships should have detected that there was only two holograms aboard, meaning that there are no Romulans aboard and that they are no longer in command of the Prometheus. They should have also detected that the life supports were off, and they couldn't be able to beam aboard anyway, because the Promethus has its shields up. In other episodes, they say that they can't beam anywhere or into anything with shields raised.
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captain simian writes:
although they shut off life support, since there not using it, the air etc would still be there. its not like they opened the cargo bay doors and vented it or somthing. also, since they disabled the romulans, they might have left the bridge in a unsecure mode, thay way they could enable the MVAM without entering a security code.
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Dangevin writes:
Artificial gravity is part of the life support systems. They should have been bouncing around like pointy-eared pinballs. That's a novel idea. :)
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Overdrive writes:
Artificial gravity is _not_ a part of the lifesupport system. When the lifesupport system is knocked offline in other episodes, noone is bouncing around anywhere. I doubt the lifesupport system on the Prometheus is any different from that on other Federation ships. Staying at the Prometheus, can anyone identify the ship class and number?
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aj writes:
If the Romulans were using the bridge equipment, the securities were obviously turned off. How else would the Romulans be able to use the ship?
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AJK writes:
"can anyone identify the ship class and number?" I don't remember it's registry number, but since it is a prototype ship (according to EMH-2), it should be Prometheus class.
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Gangis writes:
In most star trek episodes, when they disable life support, usually key points like the Bridge, Main Engineering, and the lounges always have life support, no matter what, probably due to its importance and the amount of people.
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XDude writes:
Besides, it doesn't matter whether there's artificial gravity or not; a hologram is a projection of light and can walk on the ceiling or walls if it wants to!
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Karel Mous writes:
Holograms do not use oxygen. When life support is turned off, all the oxygen not just disappears. There must have been some oxygen left, so the persons that beamed on board must at least be able to breath for a while since the remaining oxygen was not used up by the holograms.
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Mr. Masks writes:
First off, your life support idea isn't even valid, because they turned that off JUST BEFORE the officers beamed over. And, if you turn off the air conditioner in your car, does all the cold air in the car just disappear like that? NO! It takes awhile for it to get hot again. So it's perfectly plausible that the officers who beamed over would be fine. As far as the Ship splitting up, he hit a button for that and that initiated it. If you remember, when he asked for the info he wasn't even a MEMBER of the crew and was trying to get classified information. The ships in all the past series have never required an authorization code to fire a torpedo or anything like that because all you have to do is HIT A BUTTON!
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Ted writes:
The Registry is USS Prometheus NX-59650, the NX indicates experimental class vessel, usually it means that it is the first in the class and the class will be named after this vessel, such as the Defiant.
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Zozzy writes:
When life support is turned off, the ship stops "giving out" oxygen, heat etc. so there is still oxygen on the ship. The only way it can go is if someone is breathing it, so the oxygen will still have been there because the only people on the ship were holograms. When the officers beamed over, they began sing up the oxygen but there was still enough for them before they beamed off again.
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Launchpad_72 writes:
Uhh... you guys are forgetting a key poin here: They transferred power from Life Support, they didn't shut it off completely! After all, when he "accidently" transferred power from the holoemitters, it didn't shut off their programs, did it? As far as the security protocols go, the Doctor was only prevented from getting Tactical information from the database. To activate it, you just press a button (of sequence of), directly accessing the tactical database is unnecessary.
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