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Back To The Future 3 - Know Your Own Future?
Marty and Doc discover the outcome of Docs "new life" in the Wild West, as they see his grave in 1955. Then why does Marty have to go back to 1885 to warn Doc if he already knows his own death date and time. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Doc of 1955 is the same Doc of 1985 who accidentally goes back to 1885. Therefore he should theoretically stay away from Mad Dog upon his arrival to 1885, ending the need for Marty's adventure. And don't say he still needs Marty to come back so he himself can travel back because he has no problem building a "Time Machine" from a steam train as he proves when he and Clara both show up in it at the end of the film.
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 10-24-2004 and Reviewed By: Baby5566
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FiveCentFather writes:
Wow, this took me awhile to puzzle out in my head, but this really IS a slip-up. It just needs to be explained better. Remember, in the first movie that Marty gives Doc the paper with the info about the Iranian terrorists that will kill Doc in 1985. He says he doesn't want to know, but obviously temptation gets the better of him, and he tapes the note togther, and acts on the information, saving his own life. In other words, he remembers the things he and Marty did in 1955 during his first visit. During his 2nd visit is when he and Doc (of 1955) see the tombstone while digging out the Delorien, and Marty snaps a pic of it. Doc doesn't want to know, but Marty forces him to see it. Just as he remembered the piece of paper in 1985, he should remember seeing the tombstone, also. If he remembers it in 1985, he should still remember it after going back to 1885. Even IF you think of 1955 as having an original timeline, where the Doc didn't meet Marty, until Marty went back and screwed things up, he should STILL "remember" in 1885 as soon as Marty makes it happens in 1955, as it changed HIS past. However, in the movie, the Doc of 1985 stuck in 1885 acts like he's never seen the tombstone, or knew he was going to be killed. Definitely a slip-up in a otherwise very-well-constructed time travel story.
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Mothzilla writes:
the problem here is that you are confusing two versions, or theories, on time travel. in the BTTF universe, time travel is not a loop. just because marty makes the doc of 1955 aware of his fate in 1885, doesn't mean that the information instantly transmits forward to the doc of 1985, who then knows about the circumstances while he is in 1885. this application of a time travel hypothesis would eventually become an infinite loop. what you are applying here is the "bill and ted" time travel approach. in other words, thinking it makes it real. "if i think about leaving my keys here, they will be! whoa." no, the wikipedia timeline explanation matches the bttf methodology most accurately. a timeline is changed, and ONLY changed, when the traveller(s) go back in time and not forward. so 1955 doc remembering everything for 1985 doc does nothing to help 1885 doc because time is moving forward.
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nomad762 writes:
Sorry, but I don't believe this is a slip up. Yes, logically there isn't a need for Marty to go back. But just like in real life, people don't always follow logic. Marty saw that Doc was killed in 1885 & felt an immediate need to do something about it. Add in the fact that he felt responsible for Doc being stuck in 1885 in the first place & it actually makes sense that he would choose to take direct action rather than just sit around hoping that Doc avoided his untimely death.
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cora cora writes:
if you go to they actually have a timeline of all the "Back to the Future" travels, including the alternate 1985 they find themselves in and how they get out of it. I'd go check the slipup for myself against the timeline...but I'm too tired tonight.
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Shadow writes:
have you heard of forgetting, making a time machine could make you forget, and he barely discovered that he dies, so time hasn't changed yet, so the doc in the past wouldn't know yet
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DanaMac writes:
Try to follow me here. Until Doc of 1985 went back to 1885, he didn't die in the Old West. So, while he was in 1985/1995, HIS life in 1885 was in HIS future. There was no tombstone to look at while he was in 1985/1955 because he hadn't gone to the Old West and died yet. Nice try.
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KT writes:
some people arent that smart... so when they get news that they hear that they are going to DIE... they try to figure out something to do, in this case go back to 1985. But while that time they meet clara... Remember they were trying to figure out how to get the car back, when she came in the carrage. and doc met her and he fell in love with her, and he forgot about that he was going to die... i clearly know what i am talking about but, you... i dont know... this is not a slip up... sorry nice try.
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