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Mummy, The - Wasn't He Supposed to Be Dead?
In the Mummy, it explains how the Mummy was given the ultimate punishment - to be buried alive! When his cask is discovered many years later, there is even scratch marks on the inside. However, throughout the movie, he is searching for his organs that have been removed from his body in order to gain his power back. Could he have had all his internal organs removed, and still be buried alive, scratching at the casket? OOPS! I don't think so.
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Contributed By: Sak on 10-06-2004 and Reviewed By: MrHappyHamster
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AmberDot0 writes:
The marks were made when the mummy was first sealed in - he also carved a message ( "Death is only the beginning" ). He DID die eventually; and like all things that died he decomposed albeit slower than usual but his organs were gone by the time the magic words were spoken that brought his Spirit back. That spirit went back into the body it occupied in life whether that body was complete or not. Look at the mummy when he's first ressurected; you can see through him in some spots because of decomposition. So he's not getting his own removed organs back, he's assimilating the organs of the living to be complete again. The organs in canopic jars the mummy was searching for belonged to Anuksunamuhn (sorry about the spelling)and he need those to ressurect HER, not for himself.
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KaraR writes:
I believe that the internal organs that the Mummy was looking for belonged to his mistress, Anck-Sunamun (sp?). He was trying to bring her back to life. He, himself, was buried alive, organs fully intact.
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Birchy writes:
The mummy (Imhotep) is not searching for his own organs. If you paid attention to the storyline, Imhotep is dearching for Anacksunamun's organs. He needs these to bring her back from the dead.
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alpine daisy writes:
Actually, you are both wrong. The organs in the jars belong to the Mummy's girlfrind, Anck-Su-Namun, who killed herself in order to protect him. If you look on the table at the start of the film when he is trying to bring her back to life, the jars are lined up there beside her. Later in the film, he still needs the jars for the ceremony to bring her back to life. The Mummy's regeneration is from his sucking the life out of each person he reclaims a jar from, NOT from the organ in the jar. The Mummy is also chasing "Evie" because he needs a body for the spirit of Anck-Su-Namun to go into when he brings it back from the dead. Try watching the whole thing again, it will all make sense. =)
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Amanda writes:
You are both wrong. He was buried alive. The organs he is searching for are Anuksunamun's organs, so he can resurrect her. That is stated very clearly throughout the movie.
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Weave writes:
Sorry froggersgirl. But he was supposed to be moving to indicate his torture at being buried alive. If he wasn't supposed to be moving at all, they would have used a dummy instead.
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dking writes:
i know he never heard the book of the dead being read before he was burried alive, but he did come alive as a mummy with half of his head missing, soo, wait, he read the dead booky thing when bringing anox si manun back to live, he probably half stayed alive for a wile, as he never finished the book inscription
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DAnn writes:
Dude, he wasnt questioning the scratchmarks, just the fact that he was buried alive without his organs
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froggersgirl writes:
excuse me! At the begginning, when they found him with the pharo's wife, and went to burry him, you see them wrapping him up, and lowering him into the casket. He's still alive, yo can see him moving. So this is a true slipup.
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booboo writes:
He was looking for Anack-sun-Amun's(sp?) organs, not his. His had rotted away and so he got new ones from the people he killed.
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moses writes:
The whole point was that he suffered the ultimate punishment, TO BE BURIED ALIVE! My theory is that the director forgot and then decided that a quest for missing organs made for a better storyline. Scratches on the inside of a coffin are only ever used to imply one thing!
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Pie is good writes:
First of all. Can I ask you something........can you pay attention! They say that the scratch marks oddly seem like they've been made resently cause if you recall he was awakened again. Which means he didn't make them years ago he made them minutes ago.
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