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Matrix, The - Morpheus Fast Recovery
Remember that Morpheus is shot in the leg and Neo jumped out the helicopter to save Morpheus from the jump. It seems that this gunshot only have its effect in the jump. Afterwards, Morpheus can walk and even walk downstairs with no problem at all. Also, another big mistake is that Morpheus and Neo were dropped off from the helicopter on different rooftops, how in the world did Morpheus join Neo and Trinity so quickly? Especially when his leg is injured.
- Magnus Ip :)
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Contributed By: Sungam on 03-12-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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DrRPepper writes:
If you watch the behind the scenes bits on the video (not a rented one) you see the computer generated graphic of the scene where Morpheus gets shot in the leg. But, if you watch it closely, you can see he doesn't actually get shot in the leg. It skims his leg, causing a flesh wound, which would have been painful, but you would still be able to walk on it.
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defroth writes:
The bullet grazed him. Not a slip up! End this.
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snoopy writes:
Morpheus and Neo were not dropped on different roofs! It was one building with a multi-level roof, in which case Morpheus just dropped down and walked over to Neo. You can see this clearly in the scene before.
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EbonyWhite writes:
Hey Zef, if (in the Matrix) you can just think "I'm not really shot, so I'm not really injured", couldn't Mouse have thought that while he was getting shot and not died as a result??
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Q314 writes:
While the Matrix isn't real life, Neo asks after he falls in the jump program about injury and death. If you're hurt or killed in the Matrix, you are hurt or killed outside of it. The body cannot function without the brain.
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NetSharc writes:
But just before, Morpheus successfully broke the handcuffs he was chained with, probably using the power of his thought.. that would suggest that he was able to and did bend the laws of the Matrix.
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Lexi writes:
Yes, I believe the most plausible explanation is that rules can be bent and broken. But also remember that Morpheus is very tough. A gun shot wound may not take that much out of him, and so he can still function normally. The shot also may have just grazed his skin while it snagged his pants, and so the injury was of little consequence. Gosh, I mean, didn't Neo die, but somehow came back to life? Not everything can be explained--it is the "dream world", remember?
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AJK writes:
Dean32 - what has the bullet's speed got to do with it? If, as was suggested above, the wound inflicted was nothing more than a flesh wound, Morpheus would have later been able to walk without a great deal of difficulty.
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defroth writes:
The rooftops were the same building. Look at the scene where Morpheus looks down on Neo before he grapples the rope.
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rambo357 writes:
Ok people, a bullet would leave the barrel of agent smith's gun moving around 1500 fps (feet per second) The bullet then punches right through a stone wall, after something like that, a bullet would probably lose about 1000 fps of it's velocity, so the bullet isn't moving fast enough to go through morpheus' leg, it merely grazes him, a deep scratch at the most, which would hurt like a b**ch at the time, but not as much later in the movie, aight
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seph78 writes:
The bullet only grazes his leg as said, but also haven't we witnessed many movie greats get shot in the arm and use that same arm to hold on to a rocky ledge or punch someone, etc....
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Zef writes:
Remember, in the film, the Matrix isn't real life, so Morpheus must have thought, 'my leg isn't injured, i have not been shot', then after this, he would have jumped onto the same rooftop to meet trinity + Neo.
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Dean32 writes:
Lexi, Bullets come out of guns at 100+ MPH. I think it would of tore through his pants and did more then just graze his skin. Also if anyone no matter how tough they are got shot they would at least limp.
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TRiNiTY writes:
Morpheus obviously has immense power if he was able to keep the serum from "breaking his mind", therefore making him mentally powerful enough to will his wounds away and jump buildings. Mouse however mustn't have had these powers, resulting in his death. Morpheus says himself in explaining the concept to Neo "The mind makes it real"..which implies that a strong mind can also realise the deception and overcome it.
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rade-cro writes:
The Morpheus' wound wasn't deep, ok. But what really bothered me was: sitting on that chair Morpheus was evidentlly druged by agents... Later when he got out of building, than in helicopter and so on, he's back with clear mind in very, very short time... For me THAT WAS NOT VERY CONVINCING!!!
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CompuCRash writes:
just imaging wat happens when bad guys hacked into the matrix...all hell breaks loose. (i know this comment has nothin to do with the subject, it's just a thought)
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