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Net, The - Invalid IP Address
In the movie "The Net" staring Sandra Bullock, the IP address of "23.75.345.200" is shown various times in the movie. Of course, it is impossible because "345" exceeds an 8-bit value (max=255). They should have used a 192.0.2.x address instead.
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 03-11-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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DaveL writes:
I always thought they should have bought a valid IP address and used that in the movie, then put some kind of movie-related web site there.
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8ballgrl writes:
On the Slip Up listed for "The Net," - I'm not saying that you are wrong, or contradicting that the IP address is invalid, BUT: You know how movies use fake phone numbers (555-____)so that crazed idiot fanatics don't try to call them and flood poor people with phone calls asking to speak to non-existent movie characters (believe me, it would happen)? I think that is why they did that. If I were them, I would have, too.
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Dottrix writes:
Here is a much bigger slip up in this shot! When Sandra first does the "WHOIS PRAETORIAN" the IP address scrolls up as "75.748.86.91" Then in the next close-up shot, just 1 second later the IP address is "23.75.345.200". Whoa, this is not only an invalid number as this slip up states, but not even the same one! hehe You need to do a slo-mo or pause on this because it happens so fast, but it's on the DVD and most likely on the VHS.
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The_Oven writes:
Ok a couple of things here. First is that the IP address is a major boner. The second is that the command whois does not return an ipaddress. She should have received back the profile information about that user. I have got to go see this movie now. I need a good laugh. In order for her to get the IP address of where the user is she would have had to first run who, that would list the people on her computer and where they are logged in from. Then she could either use the IP address, or in the even she gets a computer name she would have to do an nslookup. I also hear that Sandra Bullock is able to surf the net just by pounding on the keyboard.
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DIG-IT-TAL writes:
I noticed the slip up and was about to post it here, but someone beat me too it. I think the reason as to why the IP addresses were switched, was because of the fact that the number used in the first IP was so large, that it didn't even seen to come close. That's why the director might have thought to use 345 instead of the 7** number.
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stupid police writes:
8ballgrl: Unless it's a known static IP, no one will own any random VALID IP number they used. To the guy who posted this slip-up: If that's the most unrealistic thing you could find in this movie, you weren't watching too carefully. That's nothing compared to some of the other stuff.
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